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In Focus: 8 Times BLACKPINK & Red Velvet's Friendship Ended Fandom Wars

In Focus: 8 Times BLACKPINK & Red Velvet's Friendship Ended Fandom Wars


We stan BLACKPINK and Red Velvet equally for many, many reasons. But at the heart of it is one major thing: their friendship. Their friendship isn't a regular one where they always shop together, chat over coffee, and take selfies. Theirs is a speical one where they cherish the short period of time that they can share on and off camera to catch up and share gigantic hugs and a few laughs given their busy and unpredictable schedules as idols. We don't think there's anything more genuine and realistic than those un-Instagrammed moments, is there?

We love them all the more for showing a bond that's more than the narrative of being in two different K-pop groups, one that's more than YouTube records and Daesang awards. Seriously, save your energy to pit them against each other because no matter what drama you put them in, their friendship isn't going anywhere. Here's to ending all fandom wars brought to us by BlackVelvet:

1. They may have no photos together to post on social media, but that's not an excuse for Jisoo to not playfully comment on Seulgi's. Mind your head, this interaction to too cute and precious!

2. BLACKPINK interrupting Red Velvet's Vlive to cheer them on is another sign that their friendship is on another level. They can go have a BlackVelvet live broadcast, we won't complain.

3. The fact that Joy and Rosé listen to and understand each other is enough proof that they're made for each other. Talk about raising the bar of BFF goals!

4. They are so tight that Lisa even has the choreo of "Red Flavor" memorized. Talented dancer or supportive kween? We think we can all agree that she's both.

5. Apparently, RV also once danced to "As If It's Your Last," and now their friendship makes more sense. Both are killer performers wherever, whenever!

6. It was a win for ReVeBlinks when Jennie and Irene were spotted hanging out in LA and even fought over for the bill, at least that's what it looks like.

7. Yeri inviting BLACKPINK to sit with them during Seoul Music Awards last year will go down in history, take note of that. 

8. What do you get when you bring these two girl groups in one photo on one stage? A powerful female squad. It's just exactly what the world needs to see.

What a relief that BLACKPINK and Red Velvet have crossed paths and became good girl friends. And we hope the same goes for fans because there's nothing our ult OT9 want than for us to bring each other up. Let's all be in this revolution together, BlackVelvet mutuals!

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