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Cheat Sheet: How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Month Back To School

Cheat Sheet: How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Month Back To School


Those lazy days you spent lounging around the house in your PJs all day are now a forgotten memory as you welcome a new semester back to school! Here you arrive back on your school grounds with that bittersweet feeling brought by those extra early mornings dragging yourself out of bed with the reward of seeing your friends again and having a refreshed energy to go after your goals.

Needless to say, getting back into your school routine isn't going to be easy, and we totally understand if you're still a bit lost (especially if you're a freshman!) It takes just a little bit of effort, but to make it easier and much more fun, here are some tips on how to survive and conquer your back to school blues! 

1. Always be on time. 

Your first week back to school is correlated to first impressions, so if you don't want to get on your professors' bad side, the first step is to arrive on time! Since it's not only a hassle for you when you miss out some important notes in the first few minutes, it's also the number one pet peeve of most professors. Keep in mind that even if the first week back to school has already ended, don't make being late a part of your routine ever!

2. Pack your own snacks.

Students are embarrassed about carrying their own lunch box or bringing snacks to school before. But nowadays, the person who brings their own food are usually the ones that most students get envious of! Imagine when you're in a two-hour class with no break and you get so hungry that you couldn't focus on the discussion, and someone sneakily whips out a snack near you! Ugh, want! Even if it's not a packed lunch, some chocolate bars or biscuits can keep your tummy temporarily happy! 

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3. Make new friends.

Since it's a new semester back to school, we're sure most of your classmates this term would be different. Although some of them you're already friends with, the students you should really focus on are the ones you're not familiar with⁠—claim this week as the time you're going to be friends with new people! This is not a way to ditch your old friends, but to know more people that would help you be sane in the next few weeks of school life. 

4. Say yes to "gala" with friends.

As much as we know how important it is to prioritize studying over going out with friends, don't forget that it's just the first few weeks of school which means the amount of school work that would be given to you would be lighter. That's why worrying about how you're going to pass the surprise quiz on the first week of school would just give you unnecessary stress. So instead, focus more on having fun this week! Enjoy the time when you're not stressed and tired while you still can because once things get serious in your classes⁠, this is going to be a rare scenario. 

As a new chapter begins, remember to approach it with a positive mindset. Don't put too much pressure on yourself because you don't have to make it perfect. Just know that being prepared and open-minded always goes a long way. Make this new semester count, kids!

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