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In Focus: Types Of Pressures You’ll Encounter In Your College Academic Life

In Focus: Types Of Pressures You’ll Encounter In Your College Academic Life


By Angeline Cheng

College life will give you a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges: ups and downs, highs and lows, and different types of pressures that will challenge your tenacity, resiliency, and willpower as a student. In fact, it will be one of your most unwanted yet most loyal companion along with stress, anxieties, and worries.

But don’t fret, we’re here to help! We’ve listed down below some of the types of pressure you’ll come face to face during your college academic life and tips on how you can rise above it all:

1.) Pressure from your peers

Your college life wouldn’t be complete without your ‘mates seducing you into slacking off and having fun, and the temptation is too real to resist. When you don’t join, you’ll be called “KJ” for not hopping into their "happy-go-lucky students club" while living the YOLO lifestyle. “Minsan lang naman eh!” and “Ngayon lang ‘to!” are just some of the things you’ll hear on repeat.

What to do about it: Peer pressure will always be there, and it sure feels like a real FOMO when you don’t join these types of "gala," especially with your close friends. Even though it’s really hard to resist at times, it helps to think about the dire consequences you’ll endure for a long time in exchange for a few hours of bliss. Moreover, why do you need friends who don’t care for your well-being? If they are really your friends, they would understand why you always say no, and they won’t say something nasty behind your back for doing so.

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2.) Pressure from your family

Even though you know that your family only wants the best for you, it’s hard to feel that they are pressuring you to do better in school, graduate on time, and worse, to be like *insert name of Kumare/Kumpare’s* daughter/son. You’re beginning to question yourself if you aren’t enough, if what you’re doing will never be enough, and this is taking a toll on your mental and emotional health.

What to do about it: Most of the time, the only thing that your parents need is an assurance that you are doing your best. For sure, there are reasons why your parents are unintentionally pressuring you, and you just have to show them that you can be trusted so that they’ll take it easy on you. Again, your mom and dad only want nothing but the best for you, so take it easy on them, too. Communication is also a key factor on this. Talk to them about how you’ve been doing lately in school, how your friends are, and ask for help when needed. They will appreciate your willingness to open up to them, trust us!

3.) Pressure from achievements of your classmates

Ah, social media. The number one inflictor of damage to your self-trust and self-confidence. You might be getting a little too green with envy with the grades that your former classmates post, their announcements of their Dean’s lister statuses, and the success stories of other people at a very young age. And as you scroll through your feed, you’re keep wondering why do some people seem to move forward in life so quickly while here you are, practically crawling just to get through every subject at turtle speed.

What to do about it: Social media is an avenue for all people to show off their achievements, because who would want to show the world their failures? It’s normal for you to get envious because of the achievements of other people, especially of your high school friends who are doing excellently at this point in your lives. But you should be genuinely happy for them, because, after all, their hard work has paid off. And don’t worry because yours will bear fruit, too! Just do your best everytime and trust the process.

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4.) Pressure from your professors

Sometimes, even the people who you thought would nurture your mind can also become the cause of the disturbance that you are feeling. Professors have their own unique way of teaching and bringing out the best to every student, and their ways may not be okay for you, inducing a pressure you would've not expected. Your professors may also have unrealistic expectations from you, and it's causing you to become afraid whether you'll pass their subject or not.

What to do about it: Just do your best everytime. Prove your professors that you are a capable student, and that you are worthy of receiving high grades. Respect them, their teaching methods, and always try not to create a bad impression (because they will remember that!)

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5.) Pressure from yourself.

Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but you compose a large chunk of the pie when it comes to giving yourself unnecessary pressures in your life. Forcing yourself to become a “cool kid” because you don’t want to get left behind, pushing yourself to become the best daughter/son for your parents to brag, trying so hard so that others can marvel at your achievements in college, too... This is a miserable move, especially when all of these trying and pushing don't reflect who you really are.

What to do about it: What you need right now are acceptance, acknowledgment, and a healthy dose of motivation from yourself. You have to accept and acknowledge the fact that every person has their own strengths, but that doesn’t mean that yours is lesser. After that, motivate yourself to do your best in everything that you do not because of pressure, but because of a genuine want for self-improvement. At the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you did all that you could, because you’ll live life without regrets and what ifs. Also, never try to be someone else you’re not. Being the real you is enough.

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They say go with the flow. But this time, when a tide of pressure pulls you down, go against it. Believe in yourself because you are a whole lot stronger than you could ever imagine.

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