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Daily Diaries: Things I Wish I Could Tell My 18-Year-Old Self

Daily Diaries: Things I Wish I Could Tell My 18-Year-Old Self


By Angeline Cheng

Hey there, pretty girl!

I know you've been through a lot lately: insecurities, pressures, worries, lack of self-confidence, shortage of trust… You name it. It’s been hard getting through everyday with issues that you’re not even sure if they matter. But here you are, still worrying about your worth in the present and the person you’ll become in the future. Now that you're at the peak of your teenage years, you might be thinking that you should've figured out everything at this moment.

I don’t want to dishearten you, but believe me, it’s going to be an unending journey to the dark and cloudy road ahead. 

You have a lot of insecurities, and that’s fine.

They say that real girls aren’t perfect, because perfect girls aren’t real, and that’s something you need to hear today. Embrace everything about you, don’t get jealous of other people (especially other girls,) and be grateful for what you have. You’re a special flower, and you will also bloom in time. And when you do, you’ll love how she looks not only on the outside, but also on the inside!

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Your value isn’t defined by the likes you get on social media.

The influencer culture is getting more and more problematic, and that affects the way you find value in yourself. You’re worried about how society rates your appearance and personality based on the number of likes and hearts you receive, and it’s becoming a toxic place for you to stay. I want you to know that you shouldn’t find false validation from social media because being yourself is already enough. Love yourself more.

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Don’t worry too much about your future.

Please, don’t waste time dwelling on things you have no control over, including the things that will happen to you in the future. You’re so focused on worrying about who you’ll become that you’re forgetting who you currently are. Have fun, live in the now, and enjoy those moments that you spend with your friends and your classmates because when you graduate, you’ll wish you can hurl yourself back to these days that you are taking for granted now.

Don’t rush.

You’re getting real impatient, I know. You’re thinking that nothing is happening in your life, that you need to get out of school right now and find meaning somewhere else because the real world is out there for you to explore, not in the four corners of a classroom. I know that when people tell you to just relax and enjoy the wonders of being a student, the advice seems to fall on deaf ears. But this is me, again, hoping that this time you'll listen... Enjoy your days at school while you still can because you'll badly crave for it when the time comes.

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Don't dwell on your heartaches.

I get it, heartbreaks and break-ups suck, and sometimes you feel like you’re not capable of moving on from this one hell of a mess… But trust me, as much as it badly hurts right now, you’ll soon get over it; with a head held up high, a happy heart, and a stronger self capable of loving more. Mourn and cry all you want now because I guarantee you that in the future, these wounds you're enduring now will become an insignia of how you’ve strongly conquered the heartaches of the past.

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You’ll get through this, with flying colors!

I want you to never doubt yourself that you’ll be able to move past this chaos in your mind; never doubt yourself, your capabilities, and your value, because I assure you that you’re strong, capable, and worthy. You have a warrior inside you, and it has always been there! One day, as you look back, you’ll even wonder why you doubted yourself in the first place.

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In the future, your journey will knock you down, but you will still bounce back everyday.

This isn’t to induce fear and more worries in you, but only to prepare you for what lies ahead. The future can be cruel; it will crush your insides, it will discourage you, it will confuse you, and it will make you want to give up. But I want you to remember that every day is a brand new day for you to rise, to make a difference, and to become a stronger version of yourself.

Girl, I want you to learn this by heart: The world is tough… But so are you.

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