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In Focus: These 9 EXO-Phixo Interactions Prove That We Are The Lucky Ones

In Focus: These 9 EXO-Phixo Interactions Prove That We Are The Lucky Ones


In this world full of fangirls, Filipino EXO-Ls are one of the lucky ones. Not only are we treated with full EXO Planet concert experience for four consecutive years, but we are also gifted with our very own fandom name, Phixos! And that's something we are unapologetically fond of: being spoiled. You get the feeling, don't you?

But FYI, Filo stans' luck work in ways above and beyond than that. While others are contented in catching them perform live and taking pride in their wins, there are some who attract fan services one can only imagine even without trying the extreme lengths. Perks of being labelled the most passionate fans by EXO themselves, maybe. Think about it: Unrequited love doesn't exist in Phixos' vocabulary because that's how much EXO shows us their affection. As proof, we bring to you all the EXO and Phixo interactions you'll prolly end up getting jealous of!

1. We wonder how this Filo EXO-L is doing after Sehun took a selfie with her phone during EℓyXiOn in Manila last year. Definitely, we'll still be staring at it if it were ours.

2. Never felt this sudden motivation to tweet Baekhyun before, not until he responded and remembered this one fortunate Phixo, then we realize: "Ah, we just might have a chance, too!"

3. Girl, how do we even start to explain the shookt feeling we got when Lay tweeted in Filipino, thanks our fellow EXO-L! It was priceless. Now, y'all heard our man. Love everyone in this fandom!

4. The ultimate Phixo enthusiast has to be Chanyeol, and him saying "Mahal Kita" on Instagram live should be enough proof of that. Argue no more.

5. Whoever said Phixos are possessive might've not heard the moment we got all supportive unnies to young vlogger Niana Guerrero after Channie followed her on IG. We're crying with her, if she is.

6. Yep, Suho stopped to take a selfie with this Phixo on his way to an official schedule in Rome. Congrats, sis, for making everybody's dreams happen from the other side of the world!

7. Itt's more than enough that EXO performed their hits at the 2013 Dream K-Pop Concert in Manila, but for them to make an effort and sing OPM song "Hawak Kamay"? That's all too much! There's no way we can ever unstan.

8. Just the fact that our boys are fond of Jollibee convinces us that they might as well move to the Philippines. Phixos are here to adopt you, guys! 

9. We can't just go on with our lives like a normal fangirl and expect us to keep it together after Baek gave us the name Phixo. It made us feel so special and we are, aren't we?

Our love for EXO knows no bounds, and, with all things considered, we say we shouldn't underestimate how much they treasure us, too. We're actually looking forward to the new memories we'll make with them when they return here on August 23 and 24 for EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration at the Mall of Asia Arena. Let's prove we've got the power, Phixos!

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