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In Focus: Reasons Why We Think Kang Daniel Fell For TWICE's Jihyo

In Focus: Reasons Why We Think Kang Daniel Fell For TWICE's Jihyo


It was just early this month when the K-pop industry heard the most unexpected dating news relating to TWICE's leader Jihyo and Kang Daniel. The two have been in a relationship since the beginning of the year which their agencies have confirmed on the same day. According to some inside source that Korean sites shared, the two managed to squeeze their dates in at least once a week despite their busy schedules throughout the year, considering TWICE's world tour and Daniel's solo album. 

Even if it's unexpected and people never really thought about them being together, their relationship still received a lot of positive reactions from fans. Thinking about it now, they're more perfect for each other than the other idols they were being shipped with! We're sure you want to know more about these cute couples, so we listed the reasons we think that made Daniel fall for Jihyo!

1. Her powerful voice

Ever since we heard Jihyo's voice, we have been obsessed with it! She has powerful vocals that give her a K-pop diva status. Well, she trained for 10 years, so it's not surprising that she can hit any high note! From their debut song "Like Ooh Ahh" to their hit track "What Is Love," Jihyo's voice always stands out and gives us goosebumps. We're sure Kang Daniel felt the same way, too. Just imagine these two collaborating for a performance; that's something we definitely want to see!

2. Her doll-like eyes

One of the things about Jihyo that caught everyone's attention is her big, round set of peepers. It is something rare to see when it comes to Korean idols since they usually have chinky eyes. Her eyes are so big that it makes you double look because you'll assume that she's not a real person, but a living doll! We have a feeling that this is also one of the reasons why Daniel is head over heels in love with her. Dating someone who's as gorgeous as Jihyo is truly a blessing!

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3. Her charismatic dance moves

Although Jihyo's part in TWICE is usually focused on being the leader and main vocalist, it's hard to ignore that she can also slay when it comes to dancing! Whenever we watch her dance, you can see that she gives her whole energy which persuades you to dance along with her even if you're not as good as her. The way she changes her expressions matching it with her moves is something we believe would make Kang Daniel fall for every performance of hers!

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4. Her sweet personality

Without a doubt, Jihyo remains to be one of the kindest and sweetest K-pop idols in the industry. People who have met and worked with Jihyo always share how kind this girl is. The whole ONCE fandom even calls Jihyo their "girlfriend" because that's exactly what she's made of: girlfriend material. Feel that, Kang Daniel?

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5. Her inspiring leadership

When it comes to K-pop groups, the leader is usually assigned by their agency, but TWICE did it differently. The members were the ones who chose who's going to be the leader among them, and they chose Jihyo. At first, netizens weren't happy about it since she's not the eldest in the group, so leading might be hard for her. But Jihyo has proven them wrong. Even other groups admire her leadership. This is something that we think Daniel and Jihyo have in common, since he runs his own agency KONNECT Entertainment. We stan a powerful couple!

We're sure there's still a lot of reasons as to why Daniel fell for Jihyo, and most of them are things he knew about her personally. But even if we don't know much about this couple yet, we can't help but spazz and hope that we hear more about their relationship soon! For now, let's just enjoy imagining pictures of them together and fancams of their subtle moments during awards shows that prove they're indeed a perfect couple! 

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