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The Six Fix: Fresh Campus-Formed Bands That Should Be On Heavy Rotation In Your Playlist

The Six Fix: Fresh Campus-Formed Bands That Should Be On Heavy Rotation In Your Playlist


College can be extra stressful, but it doesn't always have to be that way. There are things that you could do to keep yourself in check and listening to music might be a good choice. According to research, for what it's worth, music can even improve your focus and memory in studying, generate positive mood, and fend off strain. That should be enough motivation, yes?

Good news is, we've got new bands just inside our campus to help us in our relieving exercises! If MilesExperience, Where's Ramona, St. Wolf, and Farewell Fair Weather left an impact on you, then you shouldn't skip these up-and-coming breed of artists that offer soothing sounds worthy of your ears and be your study buddy. You might want to get started in the list below:

One Click Straight

This four-piece band from Saint Benilde has a lot of retro, synth pop, and indie rock vibes that all add up to #eargasm. After four years since their official formation, they've managed to release their debut album The Midnight Emotion and, true to its title, the 11 tracks traverse all the feels and thoughts we have at witching hour—alone or not alone. We always have a thing for songs that are as personal as "Kaleidoscope".

The Vowels They Orbit

We are counting on these Thomasian talents to sing us more groovy, relatable singles after getting to hear them debut with "Selos." Bonus points go to the cool music video! The band is signed under the same label of Imago, Moonstar88, and 6cyclemind, called Soupstar Entertainment, and, with that, they're close to releasing their first EP. Anyone else excited besides us?


If poetry is your thing, this indie band from UP Diliman is the one you should be getting to know right now. Munimuni can really do magic in words and their debut album Kulayan Natin is proof of why they call their genre "makata pop." Listening to them will have you daydreaming about the perks and pains of love, woven in the most beautiful way in our mother tongue.

Over October

If you want that feel-good sound with the right pressure to tug at your heartstrings, then these Ateneans' music is simply perfect. Try their songs "Wait", "Never Stop," or their newest "Mr. Sun," and we're sure that you wouldn't want to miss the next time they play live. Further proof is available in their debut EP Free back in 2016, and we're excited for more music to be release soon!

Any Name's Okay

We're all about appreciating the warm feeling that these UP creatives have given us through their third single "Orasan" and their acoustic pick-me-up beat in "Clouds" and "Hawaiian". We guess it's only a matter of time until they impress us again with tunes offering refreshing sounds. We're glad that they decided to go out of the four corners of their dorms to play us their music.


For UST students who are always searching for songs of love, look no further because this alternative rock band works on that very subject and everything in between, may it be good or bad. Combining their laid-back vocals and romantic tempo, they are able to pass on a realistic message mostly based on modern-day heartbreaks and what-nots. Don't say we didn't warn you.

As we welcome a new roster of musicians and witness their creation of hits after hits, we can't help but be proud of how OPM is thriving with young blood. These campus bands are only few of the discoveries we're talking about. If you haven't started listening to them yet, you definitely should now.

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