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The Six Fix: 'EXO Planet 5' Moments That Were Too Precious To Handle

The Six Fix: 'EXO Planet 5' Moments That Were Too Precious To Handle


After roughly a year of taking a break from touring, K-pop super group EXO is finally back to stage the fifth EXO Planet entitled EXplOration which kicked off in Seoul last month. And, yes, Filipino EXO-Ls (A.K.A. Phixos) are currently giddy as we await our turn to be visited by our favorite boys this coming August 23 and 24 at the Mall of Asia Arena! The power of Eris truly shone through because we got a two-night con, all thanks to PULP Live World! (We love you, Inang!)

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we're pretty sure that you've been following every update on EXplOration starting from the two-weekend con in Seoul to the recently held ones in Hong Kong. From scouring through every fan cam to saving all the HD photos from your fave fansites into your gallery, we bet that you've never missed a beat, being the dedicated Eris that you all are.

Of course, we at are also keeping tabs on all the happenings at EXO Planet 5. And here, we're giving you a rundown of all the precious on-stage moments that melted our EXO-L hearts. From Xiumin's appearance to Chanyeol's tearful ment, there's really nothing like witnessing our boys at their purest.

1. Kai shares the meaning behind his tattoos.

As part of their EXplOration aesthetics, the boys got temporary tattoos for their stage performances. And for Jongin, he made sure that his ink is meaningful to him. He revealed that the illustrations drawn on his skin were actually sketches by his late father. He even got his autograph inked on his arm! During one of his Instagram live videos after the con, he showed us his father's sketchbook filled with animals that he wished to turn into a storybook for his grandchildren. We can't help but love Nini more for honoring the memories of his appa this way!

2. Chanyeol obviously misses his buddy D.O. during ments.

During concerts, every EXO-L knows that the members have a fixed position during ments. And on the left end of the line are Chanyeol and Kyungsoo. The two always goof around whenever it's the other members' turn to greet the fans, and ChanSoo shippers live for these moments! Sadly, since Kyungsoo enlisted last month, fans have noticed the difference now that Chanyeol has no one to play with. Yes, Jongin now stands next to Chanyeol, but there's really something about ChanSoo that we can't help but miss! Apaprently, Yeollie feels it, too!

3. Xiumin attends the con amidst his military enlistment.

Speaking of enlisting, EXO's eldest hyung Xiumin went off to serve the country back in May. We knew it was coming, but EXO-Ls felt even more heartbroken from the fact that we won't be seeing Minseok in Planet 5. But to our suprise, he showed up to show his support to his members! It was way too emotional for us to see Minseokkie waving his eribong and watching them perform with the biggest smile on his face. If this isn't the most precious moment so far—or ever—then we don't know what is. We miss you so much, hyung!

4. Chanyeol tears up during his ment.

There's nothing in this world that we won't do for our boys, and this includes protecting them at all costs. So seeing them cry in front of us really has that heartwrenching effect. During his ment, Chanyeol teared up, but thankfully, it's not because someone hurt him. He's just too thankful for his Eris, that's why! And the most adorable part is how his members comforted him right away. Suho and Baekhyun asked our golden maknae Sehun to give his hyung a hug, and it was honestly the purest sight to see.

5. Suho hypes up Chen because he deserves it.

After realizing that Chen also recently had his solo debut, Suho had the brilliant idea that he should have his own fanchant, too. He started hyping him up by cheering, "Kim Jongdae!" and of course the members and the whole ocean of EXO-Ls joined in, too! Our Super Leader Hyung even reminded everyone to chant every time Chen sings. Our ever so humble King Jongdae deserves the whole world, and we'll definitely do more than chanting for him!

6. Baekhyun proves that no one cares about us as much as he does.

We all know that Baekhyun has his own sweet way when it comes to interacting with EXO-Ls. From replying to tweets to making sure we're updated on his life through his vlogs, Baek goes the extra mile to show us he cares. When the con ended close to midnight, he was so thoughtful and asked his Eris to go home together so they'd be safer. Honestly, only BBH thinks of these little details to make us feel loved more than anyone. Who needs a boyfriend when you've got EXO, right?

#EXplOrationinManila is happening soon, Phixos! And we're pretty sure that we'll be witnessing more of these adorable moments live! BRB, we need to calm ourselves down because we honestly don't know how to handle seeing these K-pop gods in just a few days. Fighting!

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