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In Focus: Things We Do When Our Ult Group Is On Hiatus

In Focus: Things We Do When Our Ult Group Is On Hiatus


Some of you are upset over your favorite artists for staying inactive in the music scene and not releasing new album for only a month or two. Clearly, you have forgotten about the case of One Direction. Don't let 2015 slipped off our memories, the year when Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall announced their indefinite hiatus to work on their solo careers. It's also when Zayn decided to leave the group and had us all Directioners crying #StoryOfOurLives.

The same goes for K-pop groups. Some may have multiple members enlisting in the militray, while others simply want to take a break from their continuous streak of slaying the industry. The hard part is not knowing when will their comeback be. Waiting never gets easier. And here are the things we do to cope up with it, which you can probably relate to if you're ult group is on hiatus, too:

Get busy

Waiting can get you feeling stressed out, so you might as well keep ourselves busy with activities that could make us forget what we're waiting in the first place. Watch a new series, read books, get into sports, try the gym, or focus on your studies. Do whatever will work for you.

Stan anew

This couldn't be helped. Of course, you're gonna miss fangirling, attending concerts, streaming, and breaking records with the whole fandom. It can get extremely sad overtime, but it may lessen if you just give yourself a break and open your hearts to stan a new group again.

Content do-over

After going on a hiatus, group content production will stop. There'll be fewer photos of the members together on their personal social media accounts. So what do we do? We rewatch their old performances, DVDs, and any related YouTube videos. Often, we'll listen to their music because it's easier than nothing.

Feel the feels

Your ult group will remain a part of your life no matter what. You might think that no other group can ever replace them. That could be true, and it's okay.  The love won't die fast, and it won't have to. Just don't wallow in despair too much.

Hiatus feels different to everyone. But try as much as possible to be positive about it. Even if we're nowhere near a comeback or a reunion, there's no need to give ourselves a hard time. Instead of throwing tantrums, be supportive of it. It's easier said than done but that's what real fans will do.

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