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What Motherhood Teaches Judy Ann and Every Woman

What Motherhood Teaches Judy Ann and Every Woman

Motherhood is one (if not the greatest) milestone in every woman’s life. This stage does not only affect a woman’s body but her whole being. It is where her concern is not just only about the changes that happen in her body alone, but also with another life that she carries in her body, her baby.

For nine months they live as one, eating the same food, sharing the same breath, and being on the same heartbeat. And after giving birth to her precious one, a more challenging chapter begins.

Celebrity mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo has experienced the joys and challenges of motherhood. In her journey with Yohan and Lucho in her arms, plus another baby on the way, she learned the intricacies and imperatives, trials and pains, and the happiness and fulfillment of being a dedicated mom.

Judy Ann shares the two most important things she has learned in this journey.

Patience and Open-mindedness

“Kailangan na wide ang kapasidad ng utak mo pagdating sa mga anak mo.” says Juday in her past interview.

A mother’s patience is incomparable. No matter what her children’s personalities are, she finds the heart to understand them despite their hardheadedness or kakulitan sometimes.

Compassion and Sacrifice

“Kahit gaano ka ka-puyat, kahit gaano ka ka-pagod, pagdating sa mga anak mo, wala na iyon. Hindi mo na iisipin ‘yon.” shares Juday.

A good mother sets aside her own interest for the welfare of her children. She endures anything and everything for the sake of her family.

 Indeed, motherhood is not an easy responsibility but it is something that any woman would not want to give in exchange of anything. It is lifetime commitment to love and cherish a wonderful blessing that is given by the Almighty One.


To know more of Juday's motherhood journey, check StarStudio's January 2016 issue.




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