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In Focus: Struggles Achiever Students Can Relate To (And What To Do About It!)

In Focus: Struggles Achiever Students Can Relate To (And What To Do About It!)


By Angeline Cheng

You may have heard it all before: people telling you that you’re too ambitious, too goal-driven, and that your mindset is always laser-sharp focused on becoming who you aim to be.

And yes, at most times, those people are right. You are a different kind of student, you’re striving for excellence like there’s no tomorrow, your eyes are always aimed at the goal, and your hunger for satisfaction is always driving you to take one step forward. Perectionism is in your blood, and mediocre work is some kind of idea that you’re totally allergic of. You can’t even count now how many times people have told you to relax, ‘cause you’re zero chill.

You are an achiever. And that’s something you should always be proud of.

People may have respected you, looked up to you, or maybe even made you an inspiration, what with all your hard work and efforts in school. Others may have also loathed you for several reasons you can’t quite understand. But behind that achiever façade are struggles that no one can understand except you and other achievers themselves.

Here, we listed down all the struggles that achievers face almost every single day:

The Struggle: Your mind can’t seem to quiet down. Your mind seems to have life on its own; it’s always on overdrive and seems like it’s always telling you to get moving because you have tons of things to do. Whether it be from the very second you open your eyes in the morning or to the time you’re in your commute on the way home, your mind is always thinking of the tasks that you have to do. A lot of times, you find yourself wishing for your brain to be just like a computer that you can shut down if you want to.

The Solution: Take time to calm your mind and focus your attention to something different. Focus on your hobbies. What do you like doing during your free time? Reading? Playing games? Watching videos? Go ahead and give yourself a good 30-minute "me time" away from all those things bothering your mind. Also, if you are having a hard time keeping up with a mental to-do list, then write all your tasks on your notebook instead. That way, you’ll have lesser mental workload to worry about.

The Struggle: You’re super grade conscious. And because of this, you tend to overthink a lot of unnecessary things that you can no longer control, including that one mistake you got on a 15-item quiz. You also have this tendency to dwell on your mistakes or the unmet expectations of the grade you’re craving for.

The Solution: What’s done is done, and you have no way to reverse it anymore. Dwelling on what has happened will just cut a lot of precious time that you could’ve used instead to relax or do something productive. The only thing that you have control now are the things that you can do after such as learning from your mistakes, moving forward, and doing better next time. Mistakes are inevitable, so cut yourself some slack. You are doing well!

The Struggle: Sometimes, you find it hard to trust other people in your group works. Because, of course, your grade is on the line especially when one of your groupmates fail to do their task excellently. You also tend to be a bit controlling and commanding because of this fact, and, sometimes, you even go out of your way to do the tasks of your other groupmates just to ensure that the quality of work that the “group” will make is produced out of your highest standards.

The Solution: It’s understandable, given that your grade consciousness is at its peak but you have to accept the idea of synergy, which means that two heads are still better than one when producing results. Instead of being controlling, why not schedule a meeting session regularly wherein you and your groupmates could talk about all ideas? With this, you can get a glimpse of their individual strengths, and you can suggest to divide the work among all of you based on each person’s area of excellence. That way, you can be assured that everyone’s giving their best shot, and the output that will be presented was made out of everybody’s excellent skills.

The Struggle: Hello, insecure people. You are an achiever, and it goes to show without saying that you have accomplished a lot. That’s a great thing, really, if it weren’t for those insecure people who would always find negative things to say about you (even if you aren’t doing anything bad to them.) “Bida-bida” and “nagmamagaling” are some of the monikers attached to your name, courtesy of these villains.

The Solution: Sorry, not sorry! Those people have been saying mean things to you simply because deep inside, they’re longing for things that you have achieved but they cannot no matter how hard they try. They’re busy trying to pull you down because they can’t pull themselves up. Always remember that you are way better than those insecure people, so just shrug off everything they say and just do your thing. Don’t ever stoop down to their level and just carry on with your everyday life because you sure are doing great!

No matter how hard it is to be an achiever in school, the outcomes that it will bear fruit are totally worth it. The struggles you are facing now are just preparing you for the greater challenges you’ll face in the future. Always be comforted by the idea that the person who you’ll become tomorrow will always be grateful for that brave, achieving, and goal-oriented person you’ve molded yourself into today!

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