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In Focus: Food That Every Thomasian Resort To When They're On A Budget

In Focus: Food That Every Thomasian Resort To When They're On A Budget


As much as I agree that samgyupsal, pasta, and chicken wings sound so satisfying, there was still a lot of things I must consider before freely spending money on food back in college. There were the textbooks, never ending photocopies, group projects, org fees, and other extracurricular activities. All those are important enough to make us realize that it's a must to keep our balance between our daily school necessities and splurging.

In short, college requires strict budgeting. And the demand is higher now compared in high school where you didn't have to worry about transpo because you've got kuya service waiting for you and lunch is not a problem for the school canteen is always open to save the day. As for a UST student like me, I found ways to meet my belly needs with these budget-friendly meals:


Starting at 45 pesos, you may enjoy four of this traditional Chinese dumpling in almost large size and rice at my favorite breaktime spot, Dimsum Treats. I can't also forget how much Master Siomai has helped me get past my hunger after PE time. I'm definitely craving it right now!

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If you want a more exciting meal, it's possible. Just go along Dapitan and get yourself some sizzling Pork or Tuna or Chicken sisig with egg and juice for about 65 pesos at Sisig Express or SEX, as we call it. Where else can you get this popular Filipino dish that's that affordable? Until now, I can't find that unique taste anywhere else!

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Crispy chicken fillet

This one's the easiest choice when you and your friend don't feel like going out of the campus: McDonald's crispy chicken fillet platter for only 79 pesos (55 pesos back in my college days.) It did pass our two-digit-only budget!

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Believe it or not, this little treat can help us get through our hunger problems especially when we're just given a 5-minute break between classes for a quick run to the closest convenience store. With flavors varying from ham and cheese to tuna melt, you can buy two to three of this bun and still be able to spend less than a hundred pesos. Solved?

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Feeling a bit homesick and breakfast-y? I suggest you go deeper into the Dapitan area and try out Billy's Tapa-To-Go, a home to UST's best Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog, and my personal favorite, Adobo Flakes! Besides the cheap price, I also want to commend their friendly service. And a little fun fact: Billy's started as a thesis subject for two Commerce students. Isn't that amazing?

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Our mothers always say never to scrimp when it comes to food. It's tough to stay alert in class and power through your commute with an empty stomach after all. Just be careful in spending way too much on it when it's far beyond what's worth it and needed. Take this as the basics of lessons on budgeting so later you won't come asking (and crying) where the hell your allowance went!

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