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In Focus: Unforgettable Moments That Prove iKON's Solid Friendship

In Focus: Unforgettable Moments That Prove iKON's Solid Friendship


by Mikka Caronan

iKON is one of the hottest boy groups in K-pop because they are a complete package. Talent, visuals, variety show skills—just name it, they have it! But setting these things aside, the most important thing about the success of a group is their relationship. They have been together for a long time, and they have probably been through all kinds of ups and downs from being trainees to the big K-pop stars that they are now.

There’s no doubt that iKON is one of the first groups you’ll think of when you hear the words “solid friendship”. Here’s why:

They went through two survival shows together.

It’s not new to K-pop stans that iKON really went through a hard time just to make it to their debut. Training without the assurance of making it is scary enough. Getting through one is already difficult for trainees. But two consecutive survival shows and surviving it together? Only iKON can do that.

They love each other and they’re not afraid to show it.

Their brotherly love is on the next level. They would hold hands, hug, and just do silly things together without being embarrassed.

We know you miss this so here’s a group hug from them during the last #iKONinManila! BRB, crying.

They have the best hyung.

We may think that the oldest member of a boy group just likes to order people around. But being the “hyung” also entails a big responsibility in a boy group like the leader. Jay might be the strict type of hyung most of the time (because he cares for his members,) but he’s the softest one! He wants the best for the members and even said that he’ll stand up for them no matter what. And, honestly, that’s all we need to hear.. especially right now.

They are always there to support each other.

We all know that they work hard in everything they do but they really celebrate small and big things together. Just seeing them enjoying little things like kids is what makes us happy. After all, they’ve struggled most of their teenage years. They deserve to be happy!

They literally save each other.

Song is the most thoughtful member in iKON (iKONICs are well aware of this!!!) since he’s one of the oldest members but it really melted our hearts when Ju-ne shared that he got his fear of water when he almost drowned, and Song saved him!

They treasure each other.

“There are times when I wanted to quit. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.” -Song to Jay

iKON probably spent time with the members more than with their families that’s why they depend on each other. They helped each other grow and be the person they are right now. More than group members, they found a family. And we know that they will always look for each other no matter what.

They love to annoy each other.

Their endless teasing and fights over small things really make us laugh and entertained because they act like kids. Do you remember that time when they spilled all the members' secrets or embarrassing moments just to win a game? This serves as proof that their friendship is unbreakable.

They got each other’s back.

Remember this moment when Ju-ne wanted to give up while wall climbing because he can’t do it anymore? The rest of the members don’t want him to go down, so they pulled the rope to help him ring the bell. 

Usually they would just laugh and let it go, but, surprisingly, the rest of the members didn’t let him go down because they wanted him to finish the challenge. You can see in the video that they also struggled pulling him up, but they were still smiling because they wanted to do it! If this is not solid friendship, then we don’t know what is.

It’s just meaningless without one member.

Who wouldn't forget this moment? B.I loves to take photos and when he took a picture of the members, Jay told him "It's meaningless without you." We can't agree enough on this. *cries in all languages* iKONICs miss iKON so much but we'll patiently wait for our #OT7, NO METTER WUT!

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