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Daily Diaries: Signs You Need To Take A Break From Your S.O.

Daily Diaries: Signs You Need To Take A Break From Your S.O.


In every relationship, it's not new to feel the need to take a break from your significant other. This might be because you're so overwhelmed by the anxiety it's giving you as relationship problems arise or you're just really not sure what else to do to make it work anymore. Taking a break has been an option for many couples when they believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

Although it doesn't have the same result with everyone, taking a break can actually be a great help to establish what the future holds with your relationship. Don't worry, not every break necessarily leads to an actual breakup. If the signs that are listed below are happening, then do consider taking one soon. 

1. You keep on fighting about the same issues over and over again.

Unfortunately, there are times when even if you two have already addressed the small or big problems over and over again to talk and think of solutions, you still find yourselves in the same point of argument. Whether it's about your differences, miscommunication, or something else, it can get frustrating when nothing that you're currently doing is working to make it better. Still, you don't want to give up because you genuinely love each other, so that's where considering a break comes in. You're not going to break up, you're just going to take a break from each other to reflect and realize what you need to do to push past your issues! 

2. You feel bored in your setup.

The butterflies that used to always appear when you're together are gone. You now see your partner not because you want to see them, but you got so used to it already that it became a part of your routine. It's normal to feel bored when you've been together for so long, and some couples make it work by trying out new things apart. Some actually come back stronger and happier by doing so because it makes them excited about things again.

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3. You can't keep up with your relationship's pace. 

There are relationships that move at a varying pace depending on the agreement and compatibility of the two individuals in the relationship. If you feel like everything is happening at an uncomfortably fast rate, it's okay to take the time to think about what you actually want and how connected you really are with this person. Some people are ready to head to a serious direction, while others need more time. The "slow" one might need to figure things out on their own, so if you're willing to wait it out, it might acutally be the best decision for both of you. Just make sure you have talked the details through such as how much time you need to give to each other. 

4. Your relationship became an additonal stress. 

Being in a relationship means being with someone who inspires and motivates you to do better in life, and at the same time makes you happy even if the world is against you. But as much as it's true that you have to find happiness within yourself, it just feels nice when you're with someone who can also provide you happiness when you're at your lowest. It goes without saying that if your relationship just brings you added stress and just makes you more overwhelmed to the point of having feeling drained, then trust us when we say that you need to take a step back. 

The universe will throw numerous challenges to test you and your partner. Unfortunately, there are moments that would make you think twice about dealing with the hardships together. And that's okay. Consider a break as a chance to see what you're not seeing while you're still inside the relationship. It's not really for everyone, though. So before deciding to take a break, have a real talk with your significant other first. Hopefully, you both can agree on what to do next. 

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