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#ChalkCampusCrew: 5 Inspiring Students Who Will Motivate You In Your Campus Journey & Beyond

#ChalkCampusCrew: 5 Inspiring Students Who Will Motivate You In Your Campus Journey & Beyond


Today, more than ever, it seems like teens are at no loss for involvement in activities—they’re studying, taking part in organizations, working part-time, and making the most out of their social life. It is definitely a stage in life where they finally obtain the independence that they crave, the courage to try new things, and the urge to develop a vast range of skills. However, juggling all of these can be really tough, too.

But, we’ve rounded up five incredible students who are #ForeverOn which means that they are go-getters who are always ready for whatever life throws at them. They do everything with great passion and style. They’ve done it, so there’s no doubt that you can, too!

Are you excited to meet them? Scroll further, and let’s get to know them one by one!

Izumi Nagai

Fashion and architecture. These are the two disciplines that De La Salle College of Saint Benilde student Izumi Nagai loves so much. As an architecture student, she creates structures that protect and beautify. The same goes in fashion, where she combines form, function, and creativity. It’s no wonder, then, that she develops her passion for both. Izumi is definitely #ForeverOnforCreativity.

But how does she do it? When it comes to her schedule, she plans everything ahead of time. “Sometimes I get work on days I have school, but at the end of the day, I’d still pick school. Although, honestly, that’s pretty hard because I like what I do.”

As a commercial model, Izumi shares that confidence is something that she’s not born with, it is something that she builds up over time. “It was actually like coming out of my comfort zone.” And to increase your own confidence, here’s what she has to say, “It’s easy to say but it’s hard to do. But for me, you just have to accept and acknowledge your flaws, and just love them. Then start building your self-confidence and be confident in your own skin.”

Fern Tan

If you’re a fan of OPM music, then you’re probably familiar with Fern Tan a.k.a Fern. At a young age, this musician and MINT College student has already garnered multiple achievements, from collaborating with famous OPM artists such as Julie Anne San Jose and Claudia Barretto, to getting featured on several publications and topping various music charts.

Inspired by American singer-songwriter Frank Ocean and the beats of ‘80s, Fern.’s sound perfectly encapsulate the euphoric experience of youth, love, and heartbreak.

As a rising artist, one might ask how this young man stays #ForeverOnforMusic and in life. “It’s accepting who I am as a person and that’s really it. I’m a very quiet person but I’m confident,” he said.

Ace Yabut

Once you decide becoming a model is the right move, it’s time to choose which path you’ll take to get there. And for the next guy that we are about to introduce, he said that, “I’ll do anything to get there.” Since Ace was young, he already had passion for being in front of the camera.

Aside from school and modeling, this third year Business student from Mapua Uni-versity also does bar gigs at night as a solo artist. Now, you ask, how does Ace stay #ForeverOnforGoals? Well, he’s proud to say that his confidence was built through his failures, saying “Ito talaga ‘yung gusto kong gawin kaya dapat ‘yung hiya, it shouldn’t hinder you from your goals.”

Sabina Gonzalez

Sabina Gonzalez—supermodel Tweetie de Leon’s daughter—is on her way to catapulting her fashion career, proving that she inherited more than just good genes from her mom. “I started modeling when I was 19. It wasn’t something that I’m supposed to do or I need to do, but it fascinated me,” she shared. “When I started, I realized that I really love doing it, I learned and I continue to learn a lot not just about the industry but about myself, work ethics, and discipline among many other things.”

The modeling industry though is not easy as it looks. As a model, one can be surrounded and compared to the most beautiful girls around. It is therefore imaginable that this can have its influence on self-confidence. But according to Sabina, hers is built continuously. “There will always be work in progress. It’s important to remember that it’s okay that you’re not done. It's normal to feel that you have to keep trying because we are works in progress. It's best to take it easy,” she advised. And that makes Sabina #ForeverOnforStyle!

Bea de Leon

Every student athlete has the invariable task to study and compete. It’s like having two daytime jobs if we may say, and Ateneo Lady Eagles’ Bea de Leon can surely relate to that. “It gets really hard kasi you need to balance your time. You have to do a lot. It becomes a challenge and it gets really mentally draining,” she said.

After competing for her fifth and final year just recently, this Finals MVP also shared that playing for this season is the best decision she’s ever made. “In sports, the way I gained my self-confidence is through training. If you train for something, you would know that when you step inside the court, you worked hard for it.”

Balance is a real challenge for Bea because, at the same time, her studies is crucial to a young athlete’s life. However, she has organized and prioritized her objectives efficiently. Balance, discipline, and organization are the pillars for a student athlete and that makes her #ForeverOnforPassion.

Young people are definitely on the rise. Ace, Bea, Fern, Izumi, and Sabina are inspiring individuals who have shown that it’s never too early to start making your mark. They have done remarkable things in their respective fields, which many would be proud to have achieved in a lifetime. They are innovating, advocating, and challenging what’s around them for a brighter future.

Like these young bloods, we challenge you to stay #ForeverOn!


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