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Cheat Sheet: How To Recover After An Emotional Breakdown

Cheat Sheet: How To Recover After An Emotional Breakdown


Experiencing emotional breakdon is hard, but bouncing back from it is harder. You're here trying to figure out what to do with your life after a draining experience which, even you couldn't control. When faced with such situation, you might opt to step back again and again and stop yourself from fully moving forward. 

Still, don't give up. With a forgiving and patient mindset, you'll be able to wake up one day from this rewarding journey and be grateful that you're finally gaining your self-love back. But it takes time. As someone who has been in this place numerous times and is still currently trying to get back, I listed down the things that are currently helping me to recover, and I hope it would do the same thing to you, too. 

1. Find out what triggered it. 

Whether it's a fight with your significant other or forgetting to pass your project to your professor, any scenario could be the last thread for someone who has been bottling up their emotions far too long. I know how hard it is to be asked what's the reason of your emotional breakdown and not being able to respond because you don't know it yourself, too! But this is important, so you know what to do once you feel like it's triggering you again. That's why take the time to figure it out (with someone you trust or by yourself.) Just don't force yourself because it doesn't actually happen overnight.

2. Talk to your support system. 

When you're at your lowest, having a support system by your side is the most helpful thing ever. They're not there to fix you, but to make you feel that you're not alone. Whenever I experience an emotional breakdown, I always call my support system and, sometimes, ask them to meet up if they're free. At first, I wouldn't tell them what happened to me and just ask them questions to distract myself which actually helps. Then when I feel that I'm ready, I would tell them. Thankfully, they always know what to say to make me feel better. Your own support system will be there by your side making you feel that fighting for your happiness is worth it. 

3. Go to sleep.

This might sound absurd, but this actually works for some people who had experienced an emotional breakdown. When you're asleep, your mind is resting and recharging which means once you wake up, you become more clear-headed and will actually be able to think of ways to help yourself. In my case, sleep has been one of the things that I do once I know I couldn't think straight due to the breakdown. At the same time, it helps you "think through" it unconsciously. 

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4. Do something you love.

From going hiking with your friends or reading a book by yourself, doing something you love after a draining experience helps a lot in recovering. Besides being able to distract you from further negative thoughts, it also makes you feel alive and happy. What I enjoy doing the most after a breakdown is exercising or just simply walking around the pool area of my condo building. Even if it's the simplest thing to do, it makes me feel calm and collected because I get to feel that I'm still in control and nothing could harm me. 

5. Go somewhere where you can breathe.

It's important to have a safe place where you can breathe and think. Whether it's a place where you can be alone or provides the fresh air you so need, make sure you can focus on yourself here. Just remember that spending time with yourself doesn't mean suffering in silence. It's okay to reach out to some people and ask them to join you in your safe place as long as you feel comfortable with them! I remember how I used to isolate myself after an emotional breakdown because I don't want to bother anyone, not knowing that I'm actually making it worse. That's why when it happened again, I asked my best friend to come with me to my safe place where I can vent out my feelings slowly without any judgment. 

6. Say things you're thankful for about yourself.

When things like this happen, the last thing that you should do is blame yourself because it's not your fault that you feel this way. And it doesn't really help if you keep on saying bad things about yourself, it would just make you feel worse about what had happened. What I do is I write down everything I'm thankful for in my notebook. Whether it's about me or my life, I write it down so I can have a positive outlook and possibly change my mood. 

You could experience another emotional breakdown one day for no reason at all or you could have better days starting now. But learning to be comfortable with the fact that this happens actually helps in recovering faster. Practice on telling yourself that you're far more powerful than any breakdown, and you'll be able to survive it like the strong person that you are.  

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