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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks Star Magic Heartthrobs: Does Size Really Matter?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks Star Magic Heartthrobs: Does Size Really Matter?

It's a given that in the game of basketball, height is might—explaining the average height of 6'7" as the benchmark in the NBA. Then again, the Muggsy Bogueses of the world have proven speed and skill as tantamount to any vertical advantage. This fact remains much more true among Filipinos, with the concept of "tall" players notched at only 6'3"-6'5".

Does size really matter, then? Like, in sports and... beyond? And over "performance," at that? Some baller hotties participating at the upcoming Star Magic All Star Games 2019 on August 25 weigh in on this very masculine matter. *Wink!*

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Elmo Magalona: "I think size matters but not entirely, it depends on how you work with what you have."

Jeremiah Lisbo. "Oo naman, kasi syempre pag matangkad ka—especially sa basketball—kapag defense, malayo nasasakupan mo and marami kang nagagawa."

McCoy De Leon. "Oo naman, in general. Pero meroon ding ibang factors na nag ma-matter din."

Jerome Ponce. "Size matters. Syempre, sa shoe size it matters because the bigger the shoe size the taller you are and the more step you have—the more power you have."

—Interviews by Kassie Gormley

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Photographs taken from the Instagram accounts of Elmo Magalona, Jeremiah Lisbo, McCoy De Leon, and Jerome Ponce | Banner image courtesy of Unsplash




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