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In Focus: The Surprisingly Great Health Benefits Of Sauna

In Focus: The Surprisingly Great Health Benefits Of Sauna

Not everybody in the Philippines may be fond of going to the sauna. For the most part, because we already live in a hot and humid country, and we can easily break a sweat simply by walking from one place to another. But for those that have actually tried heat-bathing in a sauna or for those that do it on the regular, most, if not all of them, would attest to them feeling good afterwards, especially after a good workout, a long day at work, or swimming in a cold pool. But behind the feel-good sensation staying in saunas provide, there are some surprising benefits that come with it as well! Here are some of them that might make you want to try saunas for yourself.

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Reduces stress levels

Believe it or not, saunas actually have a therapeutic effect on people, and is said to be helpful for those who suffer from depression and anxiety simply because we feel good after going into one. Regularly going to the sauna also helps us adapt to stress, which again is great for those with mental disorders.

Flushes toxins

Staying in a sauna allows our body to enter a “deep sweat” mode, which increases our body’s core temperature. When this happens, excess water isn’t the only thing that leaves our body but so does heavy metals like lead, copper and mercury that our body absorbs from the environment that causes imbalances in the body.

Alleviates skin problems

Being one of the oldest beauty routines, heat bathing has been known to cleanse the skin. This is because the dead skin cells are eliminated during deep sweating, getting rid of the bacteria, and in return, gives you clearer and softer looking skin, thus the post-sauna glow.

Gives better sleep

Regular sauna users claim that they get a deeper sleep after a sauna session because of the endorphins released. This is because the slow decline of endorphins is actually key to falling asleep, as body temperature rises in the evening, and falls when we sleep.

Burns calories

Did you know that sweating also requires a good amount of energy? This explains why our bodies burn calories when we go to the sauna. According to studies, a person can burn up to 300 calories during one sauna session, which is equivalent to 500 grams.

Muscle recovery

Our bodies release endorphins when exposed to high heat, and endorphins give out a tranquilizing effect that alleviates muscle and joint pains. Furthermore, our blood vessels tend to dilate when our bodies are exposed to heat, leading to an increase blood flow, which also speeds up healing in cuts and bruises.

Helps combat illnesses

When our bodies are exposed to heat, production of white blood cells become more rapid. These cells not only fight viruses but also protect our bodies from illnesses. Saunas are actually a great way to instantly soothe sinus congestion from colds and allergies.

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