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Cheat Sheet: Easy-To-Grow Veggies To Help You Stay Healthy And Save Money!

Cheat Sheet: Easy-To-Grow Veggies To Help You Stay Healthy And Save Money!

Healthy eating is the ‘in’ thing now, and a lot of people are starting to become healthier versions of themselves, by adapting a healthier lifestyle. However, buying greens from the grocery can oftentimes be costly. But just like most anything else, there’s a way around this too, to help in saving money and to have a more ‘sustainable’ setup at home. Aside from the usual herbs that are easy to grow at home like parsley, basil, and sage, here are some vegetable you can grow from the comforts of your home.

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Once of the easiest vegetables to grow are actually salad leaves. To do this, simply keep the scraps instead of discarding them and transfer these to jar with little water, making sure to mist the leaves with water and that they are getting sunlight. When new leaves and roots begin to show in about four days, it's time to transfer the lettuce to soil.


Perfect as an addition to your salads, ‘microgreens’ might be small in size, but they are packed with nutrients. And what’s good is that you can grow them pretty much everywhere! All you need to do is to purchase seeds, like ones of arugula or radish, and sprinkle them on moistened potting mix. The seeds can be close to one another but ideally not touching. Add another layer of soil and spray with some water, leave it in a place where it gets a lot of sun, while misting daily. In under a week, you should already see some sprouts, making sure the soil stays moist. Make sure to wait for the sprouts to grown up to two inches before you harvest them.


Luckily for those who love juicing, celery is one of the easiest veggies to replant, simply by cutting off the celery base and placing it into a bowl with some warm water! Make sure to keep the bowl in a place where it can get as much sunlight as possible, and after a week or so, you should already see the leaves thickening along the base. When it reaches this point, you should already transfer it to soil and wait until it is fully grown.

Bean Sprouts

You can now easily reward yourself with some homemade pad thai after you’ve successfully grown some bean sprouts in your kitchen! Can be quite simple, but would need more work than others. First, soak up a tablespoon of mung beans in a container with very little water, drain the water the next morning and place the beans back in the same container. Now cover the container with a dry towel overnight and rinse the beans in the morning. Repeat the steps until you see them sprout.


A must try for shakshuka lovers, tomatoes aren’t that difficult to grow especially in our weather. To do this, set tomato seeds from a ripe tomato aside and let them air dry. Then you simply plant it in a rich potting soil. Once you see some growth (about a few inches in height), then you can transfer them outdoors. Water it a few times a week and ensure they get a lot of sunlight as tomatoes love the warm weather.

Sweet potatoes

Substitute your regular french fries for baked sweet potato fries for a healthier substitute that’s also easy to grow in your kitchen. Just like potatoes, cut the sweet potato into two and use toothpicks to suspend it above a jar filled with very little water, with the cut out part facing up. expect to see roots and sprouts in just a few days. When the sprouts are about a few inches tall, pull them off and transfer to a water filled container until the roots grow for about an inch. At this point, you could already plant the sprouts in soil.


Add a bit of a kick to your food by planting peppers in your kitchen. The process is very simple, as peppers don’t require a lot of care. Just get the seeds from bell peppers or jalapeños, and arrange the seeds into potting soil, making sure that it’s always in direct sunlight. You can plant them in the kitchen, or better if you have a garden. Once you get a new crop, just repeat the cycle.

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