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In Focus: 10 Things Only MCL Students Can Relate To

In Focus: 10 Things Only MCL Students Can Relate To



Malayan Colleges Laguna may be known as the sister school of Mapua University. But for the people of Laguna, it is the foundation of excellence and virtue of many individuals who continuously exhibit it even after graduation. As an alumna of MCL, I can proudly say that it is the core of the aspirations that I have reached today, and I'll forever be grateful for graduating in such a well-respected and nurturing school. 

That's why, every now and then, it's nice to look back on the days I used to spend there. I know that there are things that only us students of MCL can relate to, and I've listed them below!

1. The infamous bridge

When you're late, forgot your ID, or just want to see your crush from faraway, MCL's bridge is there to save you! It's a bridge connecting from MCL's bookstore building to Rizal building's third floor. During my time there, I remember that there's usually no guard at the bridge's entrance, that's why the students use it to make takas whenever they forget their ID which might be one of the reasons why they closed it for some time and just opened it again last year! 

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2. Being asked if Enchanted Kingdom is our "relative"

Since the students of MCL are called Wizards, we're tend to be asked (seriously or jokingly, we don't know anymore) if we're related or at least under the same owner as Enchanted Kingdom which is famously known for their wizard mascot. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but nope. We secretly want to though because, duh, it's free entrance to the best amusement park if ever!

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3. Smart classrooms

We're not sure if MCL is one of the first few schools in the country who got to have this, but we're sure that we're the first one in Laguna! I'm talking about the "smart" classroom which MCL started to build around the campus in 2016, it gives you the option to use a touchscreen TV instead of a whiteboard. I still remember how excited we get whenever we see in our term schedule that we would be having a class in one of the smart classrooms. Needless to say, we're hooked.

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4. Top pick location for films

One of the things that proves that MCL is a beautiful school is that it's always used as a location for local films. From Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil's Just The Way You Are to Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras' Girlfriend For Hire, these films have shot most of their scenes in MCL! 

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5. The EDSA-like traffic in Pulo

If you think EDSA is the only place with the worst traffic situation ever, then you've never experienced the traffic in Pulo yet. Most of the MCL students even describe it as "EDSA 2.0" because of the long hours they spend inside the tricycle or jeepney just waiting to get to their destination A.K.A. Malayan Colleges Laguna. What's worse is that it's actually just 30-40 minutes if you decide to walk which means it should only be, at least, 15-20 minutes if you use any form of transportation. 

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6. Our very own "sakura" tree

When you're looking for the best place to take your OOTD pictures, the "sakura" tree near the quadrangle is the one you should go for! With its pink leaves that look like the popular cherry blossoms, you can easily fool anyone that you went and took a photo in Japan or Korea. Until now, I still don't know what kind of tree it really is, but it's just fun to think that MCL has its own sakura tree!

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7. Airwell for fresh air

According to the "urban legend" or widely known as the alumni of MCL, the airwell entrance of the Rizal building has been called so because of the amount of fresh air you'll experience. As someone who enjoys casually hanging out with my friends or reading a book while waiting for my next class, the idea of having fresh air and quiteness immediately brings peace in my mind even before I go to this lounge area. Honestly, it became one of my sanctuaries, and I'm sure other students feel the same way, too! 

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8. Saucy when you pass, Saucy when you fail

MCL students are beyond thankful to have Saucy near us, as we're the only students who are able to eat at this glorious restaurant whenever we want. Whether we pass or fail our course, eating at Saucy always brings joy to us because of its delicious food for just a cheap price! I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that when you visit MCL, you'll regret if you don't eat here! 

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9. Frisbee players everywhere

If other schools have a lot of basketball and volleyball players playing everywhere to enhance their skills, practice for the next game, or just simply have fun, MCL has frisbee players! These students enjoy throwing a disc in our schools' quadrangle specifically. Due to the amount of students who enjoy throwing frisbee, MCL started their own frisbee tournament!

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10. Term-ender? Let's go swimming!

Of course, in every term end, students always plan term-ender trips with their barkada or batchmates. From going on a road trip to planning a small get-together, there's always a term-ender party! When it comes to MCL students, we always have a swimming party. Since our school is close to numerous resorts (hello, Los Baños!), most of us just want to head to a nearby resort and spend the night together after a stressful finals week. 

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These are just some of the things that only MCL students experience and MCL alumni would forever cherish. I honestly hope that I'd have time to go back and visit. But for now, for all of the Wizards and aspiring Wizards out there, this is for you. If I have missed anything, share this article and share your favorite unique thing about being a student in MCL!

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