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You Can Go Crazy With Your Hair… Even If You’re (Really) Conservative

You Can Go Crazy With Your Hair… Even If You’re (Really) Conservative

A common observation: A lot of Filipinos have boxed themselves when it comes to experimenting with their hair. Bleaching it and dyeing it multiple shades lighter, say, blonde, doesn’t always turn out well for the naturally dark crown that we’ve worn since birth—nor does going crazy in terms of styling. Do you know a lot of people sporting a hair trend more adventurous and quirky than straightened or layered tresses?

Perhaps, it’s because of our conservative nature and what have you?

But that shouldn’t be the case, says a top hairstylist and hair educator of a global brand whom we got to talk to about mixing things up when it comes to our crown.

“I don’t think of a hair type as ‘Filipino.’ Thanks to the Internet where everything feels and seems global, you don’t have to deny yourself hair choices just because of your geography,” shares Bill Watson, Toni&Guy’s International Artistic Director and Education Director for China and the Southern Hemisphere.

“I think that people should have their option to do whatever they want, wherever place they are in the world.” For Watson, “hairxperimenting” is a symbol of self-expression that shouldn’t be bound by one’s geography, but instead, personality.

“I just think people should be who they want to be. And if that means experimenting with your tresses, why not?”

Bill Watson sporting a man bun.

The hair artist visited Manila this year to school their store’s hairstylists, imparting his personal experiences in the past two decades and his penchant for always trying what’s new—as his main teaching tools.

What hair trends can you try if you’re still too hesitant about it, then?

Watson suggested taking off from the mod style of the 1960s and the hippie vibe of the ‘70s, both riding the recent trends in hair.

For the girls, think Jane Fonda in Barbarella, with full-bodied hair and some tousling while going for blondes and highlights.

“You can go for an imperfect blow-dry, with a little bit over your eyes, old fringes, and little ears sticking out. Little details like that are to feel right at the moment. Try blonde—California blondes, golden blondes, skating blondes—when they've been out in the sun for too long, those golden blondes almost slowly seem to be creeping in.”

Text by Barry Viloria. Photographs from and courtesy of Toni&Guy.

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