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In Focus: Things That Only Filipino Catholic School Students Can Relate To

In Focus: Things That Only Filipino Catholic School Students Can Relate To


Every school that we grew up in is different. Each follows unique class setups, teaching methods, and, on top of that, campus rules. So it comes as no surprise when we experience school differently. What you think is fun about studying might suck for students of another academy, and what you believe is acceptable to do within your school premises is not for others.

It's safe to say that surviving school isn't an easy task. If you think that abiding by the zero waste and "English only" policies are a fuss to get by, just wait until you hear the kind of standards that Catholic school students have to keep up with in terms of dress codes and our daily spiritual lives which, in our defense, aren't all that bad. Well, except for the part where you lead the prayer in front of the class, ugh. Here are other things you could probably relate to if you came from the same school system: 

Dress codes 

Sense of individuality is one thing we definitely didn't get enough of while spending years in a Catholic school. From observing best manners, school rules also expect students, especially girls, to follow proper attire: no spaghetti straps, no crop tops, no shorts, no skirts higher than the knees, and no tight dresses. Imagine how many times we repeat our shirts and pants in a week or month?


First things first to start the day: pray. Also, don't forget to say your grace before snacks and lunch, and to stop whatever you are doing once you hear the 3 o'clock and Angelus habit begin. And quit trying to argue against it. You know that the Directress walks around the campus for a reason.

Celebrating mass

Get your gala uniforms ready when the new month drops because that means that first Friday mass is coming. Go through the religious hymns and actions, too, as your adviser's sure looking forward to you memorizing them this time. On the other hand, don't worry about missing church occasions such as Ash Wednesday because they're already ingrained in your school's calendar. 

Feast days

The tradition to commemorate the feast days of every canonized saint is should we say, the best part of attending a Catholic school. This for the reason that, apart from the regular and special non-working holidays like Easter week and Christmas, we've got feast days as bonus days to rest. Consider it as a time to reflect on the celebrated holiness too, okay?

Religion subjects

Our hat goes off to you if you've read the entire Bible and memorized all the verses, chapters, what's inside the Old and New Testaments, and the entire names mentioned in it. It's no easy feat. And congratulations for getting a mini Bible or Our Daily Bread as reward for topping your Theo exam results!


Catholic schools give students the opporunity to reconcile with God through an annual, if not regular, Act of Confession. Whether you're going on a recollection or it's the Lenten season, it's actually great that we didn't have to go further just to repent for our sins.


With the many issues we encounter in our academic life, it's a good thing that the school knows how to transform the four corners of the classroom in a free and effective healing space. Once a year, you'll be asked to join this day filled with heart-to-heart activities that can help you deal with your family issues, identity crisis, character development, and spiritual psyche. Some don't take it seriously, others just bring up your shared story every time to tease you for no good. So take it as your chance to know who you're real friends are.

It's common for school to set out rules and demands. There would be times when you'll feel that all those regulations somehow forbid you from playing your liberal individual self. Even if that's the case, just think of the long time effect it can do to you. We're sure that it'll do you major good.

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