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Daily Diaries: Things That You Can Do Instead Of Ghosting Someone

Daily Diaries: Things That You Can Do Instead Of Ghosting Someone


by Maan de Vera

Dating is great, until it’s not. While starting things off may seem like a fairytale unfolding before your eyes, ending things up may not be as magical. Once you’re set to call it quits, it can really be tempting to take the easy way out and just disappear like a ghost.


No matter how hard you try to justify it, leaving without any form of explanation is just cruel. No matter how ugly it may turn out to be, the right thing to do is to brave the breakup and do these things instead of ghosting:

1. Meet in person.

The most sincere way to part ways with someone is to be there face to face. While this isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to do, showing up is the mature thing to do. Find a place where it’s private enough for the both of you to really talk things through. This is necessary especially when you've been dating for a while to show respect to the other person for the last time.

2. Call.

If you just can’t take the idea of breaking the news in person, then perhaps a call would do. Just at least be considerate in your timing. Don’t do it during the crucial moments of your soon-to-be ex’s day. Give a heads up that you want to talk about something important and then schedule it. 

3. Send a text.

First of all, we don’t really suggest that you break things off via a text. However, this is still way better than just leaving a person guessing. If you've gone on one or two dates, and you suddenly feel that things won't work out, then this could be an option. When you compose that message,  make sure to be as direct and honest as possible without coming off as heartless.

At the end of the day, there isn’t a  pretty way to tell anyone that you don’t want to date them anymore. But there’s really nothing that hurts more than investing your time, effort, and feelings to someone who just leaves you hanging.

Yes, it’s okay to change your mind, but, no, it’s not okay to just vanish into thin air.

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