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Cheat Sheet: 3 Tips to Effectively Cleanse Your Skin

Cheat Sheet: 3 Tips to Effectively Cleanse Your Skin


Skincare can be pretty complicated especially with the myriad of products, trends, and techniques available to us these days. Whether you’re doing the multi-step Korean routine or sticking to your own fail-proof version, taking care of our skin may feel a tad too tedious at times.

But before you get too lost in choosing serums or hoarding sheet masks, why not pay extra attention to the basics first? The heart of skincare lies in cleansing which is the first step that you should take before anything else. From removing your makeup to getting rid of dead skin cells, cleansing is vital to make sure that your skin will absorb all the products that you will use afterwards.

But contrary to what you may believe, cleansing isn’t simply a “wash and go” kind of thing. Here, we break down five things to keep in mind to effectively cleanse your skin:

1. Choose the right cleanser.

Depending on your skin type, you may opt to use a gel, foam, or oil type of cleanser. If you have dry skin, you should go for something that is hydrating, refreshing, and clears away impurities. For oily skin, you should find a product that reduces sebum and cleanses your pores without irritating your skin. If you’re the combination type, a cleanser that unclogs your pores and tightens them at the same time is ideal.

But as exciting as it is to grab all the trendy products available in the market today, we recommend that you consider an all-natural option for a gentle approach to cleansing. Mestiza soap is 100% all natural made with extra premium virgin coconut oil and extracts from papaya, banana, calamansi, and carrot to soothe, treat, and refresh your skin.

Aside from the original variant, Mestiza soap also comes in 4 Prime variants for different types of skin: Green Serenity for oily skin, Earth Brown for dry skin, Scarlet Rose for normal to oily skin, and Bountiful Violet for normal to dry skin. There’s definitely a soap for everyone that will surely address your problems and enhance your natural beauty. With Mestiza, it’s not about being fair-skinned, but rather having that healthy, “lit from within” glow!

2. Double cleanse.

Whether you’re scared of your skin being stripped of its natural oils or simply too lazy to take another step, we strongly suggest that you double cleanse to make sure that your skin is fresh and ready to absorb your other skincare products. Double cleansing is especially essential to your evening routine to pamper your skin after a long day.

The first part is all about removing makeup and dirt from your face which you can do with wipes or an oil-based cleanser. For the second half, your cleanser should be able to get rid of dead skin cells to prep your skin for the next steps in your skincare routine. Mestiza soap is a great pick for this because it naturally rejuvenates and moisturizes your skin while reducing impurities and dark spots!

3. Don’t rush.

Whether you’re just starting your day or capping your evening off, cleansing should be a slow process, not only to completely clean your face, but also to give your skin the TLC it deserves. Skincare is also a form of self-love because you’re giving your body the pampering it needs. We don’t know about you, but we, along with Mestiza, believe that cleansing is the very first step to boosting our confidence and being the independent, goal-chasing woman that we’re meant to be!

Being a Mestiza girl isn’t just about being fair-skinned. A true Mestiza girl celebrates her diversity no matter what color she’s in. From taking good care of our skin to embracing our truest selves (flaws and all,) going through this confidence-defining journey has never been more inspiring! Here’s to letting our Mestiza beauty bloom to the fullest!




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