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In Focus: Signs That You Are Ready For The Dorm Life

In Focus: Signs That You Are Ready For The Dorm Life


From textbooks to wardrobe, there is a lot to consider when you're going back to school. This one in particular: living arrangement. After barely surviving, let's suppose, couple of semesters into college, there's no way you did not fret over taking the jeep or train everyday for the straight two-hour travel time being the shortest, and think that maybe moving in near the campus is the right thing for you.

Staying at home has its perks but so is dorming. Take it from yours truly who've tried commuting to and from school for a whole and a half academic terms and ended up getting myself a room that's within walking distance from school for all the good reasons. No regrets, just frustration as to why I didn't do it at the very beginning. So if you ask me if leaving your mom's home is a risk worth taking, I'd say yes, especially if you've been experiencing these signs below:

Habitual tardiness

The idea of travelling to school on a regular basis is manageable, but it's sometimes the heavy traffic and getting up at the break of dawn that tend to get on our nerves. It's a shared battle among college students and, at the same time, a shared excuse as to why they're always late in class. Your blockmates will understand. The problem is, your professors won't. It's time we redeem ourselves and our attendance record.

Constant ranting

Okay, you hate the traffic, the long and grueling commute, the frustrating forms of public transportation, the costly travel expenses, even the lack of sleep—we get it. But did we mention that ranting here and there aren't going to be healthy for you? It leads to negativity which leads to stress and then leads to depression. Perhaps, you'll feel better when you don't have to think about all the negative effects of going to and from school, yes?

Struggle to study

There will likely be times when you get home and despite the piles of homeworks and scheduled quizzes the next day, you just can't find the motivation to study because it's already past 10 and you'll have to wake up in a few hours. What choice is left there for someone who lives extra far from school than to just grab the only opportunity for you to sleep, right? Well, your grades might be sacrificed which already sounds like a bad idea.

Concerns about your safety

It's impossible not to get night classes when you're in college. That's where the fear for safety comes in. Even if you're probably the most cautious person in the world, you'll certainly have the tendency to feel scared going home in the dark and suspect every single person walking behind your back. No one's to blame when in reality, it's a dangerous world out there, and the last thing you want is to experience its wickedness. And if you ever have this moment, maybe you're better of living the dorm life.

Dorming is so much different from living at home. You won't have your parents to serve as your alarm, prepare your meals, and do your laundry. It'll take time to get used to it, yes, but it's also convenient and quite liberating. We're sure mom's going to be happy and proud to see you make the most out of your college life. With back-to-school right around the corner, we suggest you consider giving it a thought.

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