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Hot Stuff: Fab In Their 40s, US-Based Geneva Cruz And Rachel Alejandro Talk About What's Next

Hot Stuff: Fab In Their 40s, US-Based Geneva Cruz And Rachel Alejandro Talk About What's Next

Contemporaries. Rivals. Best friends. Now a dynamic concert duo. Geneva Cruz and Rachel Alejandro, who both began their singing careers when they were 12, are two of the most enduring pop stars our country has ever produced. If you grew up with a CD collection, listened to the radio, and owned Multiplex minus one cassettes for singing along to your favorite OPM artists, it's likely that their hits were the soundtrack of your yesteryears. At one point in time, everybody, as in everybody, knew the lyrics to Geneva's breakout single as part of the group Smokey Mountain—"Kailan." Meanwhile, Rachel's fans had the lyrics and choreography to "Mr. Kupido" memorized.

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Geneva, being a veteran at three decades in the music industry, has evolved into a strong independent role model for women. She still wows Filipino communities around the world with her talent and amazing physique while being a single mother of two in Los Angeles. Her contribution as an artist to the Filipino community in the US was recognized by the Top Awards for Outstanding Pilipinos, Woman of Worth and Spotlight Awards.

Rachel, on the other hand, shares her time between Manila and New York, where her husband now resides. She is almost as well-known, especially to the younger generation, as a healthy lifestyle advocate, published author and co-owner of The Sexy Chef, a health food delivery company in Metro Manila. While she is often paired in concerts with father Hajji and cousin Nino Alejandro, it's on the silver screen where she has recently made waves. She recently starred in the internationally acclaimed musical film Ang Larawan and the historical blockbuster Quezon's Game, where she was given an Award for Excellence as Lead Actress at the Cinema WorldFest in Ottawa, Canada. 

The two ladies, who have not slowed down and have barely aged even after many years in the Philippine music industry, are entertaining our US-based kababayans with their ongoing concert tour titled "GENeRAtion X: Our Music, Our Time." It kicked off last June, and resumes on August 31 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and November 9 in Cumming, Georgia.

Separately, the two are also on a roll. Rachel is performing with her cousin Nino on September 28 in Ottawa, Canada, and on October 11 in San Diego, California. Geneva goes solo in the following dates and locations (September 8 - West Covina, CA; September 14 - Raging Waters, LA; October 5 - Van Nuys, CA; and October 12 - Jersey City, New Jersey).

ABS-CBN Lifestyle recently eavesdropped on a candid conversation between Rachel and Geneva in between their concerts and got a glimpse of their love-filled friendship and professional relationship!

Rachel: Hola, Ginebra!

Geneva: Hey, Sis. What’s up?

R: Just checking on you. You said you were looking to move to a new apartment. You found na? 

G: We’re actually moving the last of our stuff na to our new place in West Covina. Almost done. 

R: Oh wow, that was fast. You found a gym na that offers barre and Pilates classes? They’re really the best for over-all toning and strengthening your back. 

G: I’ll check what gyms are in my ‘hood in the next few days. Luckily, I think I spotted a Bikram yoga studio nearby. 

R: Hindi ko kaya hot yoga, Sis. Give me cool air or I will pass out. But I remember you would go to Bikram religiously even in Manila. 

G: I fell in-love with it. Imagine, it’s hot na nga outside and then you enter the class where it’s even hotter. It taught me to be disciplined and to appreciate the present moment. It’s perfect here in LA where unless I workout, I hardly ever sweat. What about you? Are you still doing the keto diet? 

R: Keto-keto-han. Ha ha! It’s hard not having The Sexy Chef delivering my meals here in New York. I’m so spoiled back home. But when I’m here, I still eat healthy and work out regularly. I also experiment a lot in the kitchen. It’s mahal to eat out here all the time. But then again, groceries are also expensive. 

G: OMG. Housewife na ang peg mo! Twenty years best friends and I never saw that coming! Hey, how come I never got to try your cooking while I was there? Tita Girlie (manager) said your keto lasagna is good. 

R: Eh ikaw, super mother roles! I was so impressed when you told me how you bring London (Geneva’s five-year old daughter) with you to your gigs and she just sits there quietly watching you perform. How lucky you are that she is so well behaved. Then again that is a testament to how you brought her up. Good job, Sis! I don’t know if I’ve said this enough: I am so proud of the mother you’ve become. At 33, you’ve actually grown up!

R: 33! Ha ha! Yeah, London is an amazing kid.

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