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In Focus: Why We Feel Blessed That BIGBANG's T.O.P Is Back On Instagram

In Focus: Why We Feel Blessed That BIGBANG's T.O.P Is Back On Instagram


T.O.P is really back from the military, in case you haven't heard. While the past few months have been difficult for VIPs, his return is helping us out a lot. Whatever happened with him since a couple of years back doesn't matter now as far as we're concerned because he's looking like he's got everything back on track. The BIGBANG rapper knows how to set his priorities straight. Music-wise, we're not there yet, but at least we'll always have his Instagram.

Yep, we cannot forget to mention that he has been active on the social media platform lately, reminding us again why, in actual fact, we shouldn't ditch his IG account forever, especially right now. Not that anyone ever planned to, as it's the closest we can get to knowing what he's up to. You wouldn't want to miss on the doom dada king updates, would you? If you're looking for a one-stop source of beautiful paintings, wine craze, and questionable posts, Tabi's feed is the most satisfying place to look at and to double tap.

We're so happy that user choi_seung_hyun_tttop is back, and in case you're still wondering why we are, here are the TOP reasons why: 

New selfie(s)

It's hard not to give in to Tabi's Instagram all over again when you see that after more than two years, he finally blessed us with a new spot-on selfie to light up our feed. Everybody say, "Thank you and more to come, Tabi!"

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Daily art inspo

Count on Tabi to share with you his latest collection of paintings just like the good ol' days. Nobody loves art more than the way he does. Maybe we'll just end up being art enthusiasts ourselves one day. Here's a hug to the art world!

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Cryptic IG stories

If you're in need of some brain and emotional exercise, look no further. All you have to do is check on Tabi's IG stories, which he most likely updates twenty times a day. We're not complaining. Instead, we're actually hoping that they could be comeback hints. Yes?


The next time antis come for Tabi with nothing but hate, tell them our man isn't interested so they might as well turn their focus to some other things that could, you know, help make the world a better place instead. We stan an unbothered king.

Fan interaction

Perhaps this is the best part. Ever since he returned, Tabi has been on Instagram stand by scrolling, liking, and commenting back to very lucky VIPs. So if you're on the platform, come in quick and take your chances! 

It's clear, T.O.P has the power to break through and outdo himself in everything. And as much as his Instagram return is giving us life, we'll be kidding if we say we're not excited for him to release new music soon. Still, we know that he's just taking it slowly but surely, and that's enough for us.

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