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#ChalkAsks: Why Do You Give A Second Chance?

#ChalkAsks: Why Do You Give A Second Chance?


Knowing who to trust is hard to tell. Sometimes, no matter how much you stay unbiased toward strangers you encounter while walking down the streets, they still play tricks on you. No matter how loyal you are to your friends, they still lie to you. And no matter how good you do in a relationship, they still cheat on you. It takes a great deal of emotional effort and shared highs and lows for one to let their guard down and believe. So it's just understandable that once you break it, there's no turning around to get it back.

Luckily, there are still people who, after all that pain and betrayal, remain willing to forgive and forget. Sure, you've heard of the saying, "First time is a mistake; but second time, it's your choice." And while you do believe in its accuracy, others believe in second chances. It's not a matter of knowing if the person is worth it anymore; only of one's faith in love and happily ever after. But just how far are we going to put up the martyr card game, and let go of all the hurtings? We asked around and here's what we got:

"Deep inside you also want the relationship to work out and you're still not ready to let go. Somehow you believe that it's just an obstacle and if you try again, it'll get better." - Clara, 23

You are hopeful. Despite knowing the problems that are going on, you have this thinking that the person deserves a chance to change and redeem themselves, and that you should take it as a get-go to be mature in understanding that things happen. And what do you expect in conclusion? To fix what's broken.


"Kasi umaasa ka na in the end, siya pa rin yung para sa'yo." - Charles, 23

You don't want to live in regrets. The memories you spent together will all come back to you one day and you'll be left wondering if you can afford throwing everything out your system. You'll remember the the first time you met them and told yourself that this person is the one. And imagine if they really are and you decided not to give a second go, that'd feel like hell.


"Because you love them and you care for them." - Rose Ann, 25

You wouldn't be with that person if you don't have feelings for them in the first place, if you didn't believe when they said that they will never hurt you, until they did. But then again, your love has developed through time into a level that can willingly overlook their shortcomings and unfaithfulness and give them another shot. Seems like love can really solve just anything, agree?


"We give second chances because takot tayo na baka 'di na tayo makahanap ng iba." - Che, 24

You're afraid. The trust you worked hard to build gets shattered, you cry in shock, and then you feel angry that you just want to call it quits. But then you ask yourself, "What if I never find another one that will love me?" After all, you were once happy with them. One more 'what if' fear that comes with this that you wish would go away: "What if I get fooled again?" How we wish we have an answer.

We all look for a love that'll last and we can keep forever, don't we? Hence, what we do is give it another try even if the odds of it getting better are very slim. There's nothing wrong with wanting to save a relationship, it's just bad when the other party isn't meeting you halfway. Yet, there are others who are fine in doing the work alone in the name of love. Are you one of them?

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