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Celebrity Style Hacks to Try: Princess Dressing à la Dominique Cojuangco

Celebrity Style Hacks to Try: Princess Dressing à la Dominique Cojuangco

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess even just for a day? As girls who grew up watching Disney princesses, we all, at one point or another, imagined having a fairy godmother who will pop out of nowhere to provide us with the best transformation ever. Wisdom we acquired growing up, though, has made us realize that real life is far from fairytales—no one will magically show up to rescue us from our fashion emergencies.

But, of course, there's still no stopping us from wanting to look our best, even if we don't have anyone to help us pull all the stops to shine as bright as we want to. Be inspired by 'it' girl Dominique Cojuangco's take on princess dressing as she represented the Philippines in the ultra prestigious Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris.

Le Bal des Débutantes, Le Bal for short, was established by Ophélie Renouard in 1992. It's a dual purpose event since it aims to annually gather young girls coming from celebrated families around the world to enjoy the sophisticated French way of living, while also acting as a fundraising charity event to support their chosen organization. But what excites its attendees the most is the moment the débutantes appear, flaunting their exquisite ball gowns created by the best fashion designers in the world.

Dominique, herself, was a flawless vision of beauty in her Vivienne Westwood gown. 


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Dominique's focal piece of jewelry was this beautifully crafted Payal New York necklace.


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While it's near to impossible to wear Vivienne Westwood and accessorize with Payal New York jewelry (unless you have a budget like the Cojuangcos' or the other debutantes'), it's easy to bloom like a modern day princess if you have the right amount of confidence and creativity. Here are three ways to look every bit the royal showstopper like Dominique Cojuangco:

Style Tip #1: Look for the perfect fit.

If Cinderella found her happily ever after with the help of her perfectly fitting glass shoes, so can you if you can find the dress that suits your character and physique. 
Avoid trying out gowns which are clearly way out of your style just to prove that your body is versatile enough to fit in every type of outfit. Find the piece that will complement your featuresor better yet, the perfect piece that will make you stand out in the best way possible. Check out how Vivienne Westwood's ballgown accented Dominique's hourglass figure. Her piece perfectly matched Dominique's goddess-like and totally mesmerizing aura. 

Style Tip #2: Avoid overdoing it.

Of course it's okay to put your best foot forward, but overdoing it is not necessary. Abstain from using heavy makeup and flashy accessories. As much as possible, go for a simple but elegant look like Dominique's. 

Style Tip #3 Reflect what you desire.

If you're trying your best to look like a modern day princess, make sure that you are also acting like one. Go beyond the outer appearance. There are two things in life that make you remarkable: Your look and your character. If you don't have the resources for lavish pieces, confidence and a beautiful soul will more than make up for the baubles.


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