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#ChalkChallenge: Blaster Silonga & Crystal Jobli Play The "BF/GF Tag"

#ChalkChallenge: Blaster Silonga & Crystal Jobli Play The


IV OF SPADES member Blaster Silonga and Crystal Jobli have garnered a social media following, thanks to their #goals-worthy relationship. But more than being a visually adorably couple, what we love about them is how they always stay committed to each other because that's what they promised since they got together. It's safe to say that they have a mature and beautiful connection such a young age, that's why we couldn't blame their massive fans for their support!

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So when we got a chance to spend time with Blaster and Crystal, we decided to do a fun challenge with them to get to know them more! As they take on the BF/GF Tag, the two had openly shared to us how much they know each other. From their habits and interests to the first time they said "I love you," watch the video below as Blaster and Crystal indulge us with a round of Chalk Challenge!

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