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In Focus: 6 Times Dara Spoiled Her Pinoy Friends That Got Us Saying, "Sana All!"

In Focus: 6 Times Dara Spoiled Her Pinoy Friends That Got Us Saying,


They say get yourself a man who can be your best friend forever. But nah, we beg to disagree. We think we actually don't necessarily need a "man" as a BFF, we only need Sandara Park! Admit it: you'll lay odds just to befriend her because there's no one else who's more loyal, supportive, generous, unpredictable, and beautifully crazy as her. Serious #friendshipgoals!

Who can forget that time when she brought CL to the Philippines to tour around Palawan? When she supported Daesung during a military festival? When she joined Bom's comeback music video? When she guest performed on Seungri's Manila concert, as well as G-Dragon's? And the spoiling continues with her Filipino celeb and non-celeb circles which, frankly, we wish we were a part of. Here's the list of times Dara proved she's the bestest friend we could only dream to have!

1. Vice Ganda's birthday greeting

The 2NE1 singer surprised her "Unkabogable" friend with a video greeting from member of K-Pop group B1A4 and star of Korean drama Love In The Moonlight, Jung Jinyoung, the "bebe" who Vice has been gushing about on Twitter. Care to know when's our birthday, Dara?

2. Vice's jacket courtesy of G-Dragon

Anne still has us envious when she wore a jacket given by G-Dragon during one episode of It's Showtime. It turned out, she borrowed it from Vice who received it as a gift from Dara! Someone sign us up in this friendship, please.

3. Ryan Bang and Anne Curtis meet Seungri

Never in the history of fangirling have we thought of the possibility of seeing Seungri perform live, take a picture with him, much more join him on stage. But Ryan and Anne got it all, special thanks to the show's guest Dara who, to some extent, made it possible. We can sing, too, FYI.

4. BoybandPH makeover

The bond between Dara and the five-piece group BoybandPH stays true even years after they met in Pinoy Boyband Superstar and a few birthday parties. And it just kept getting better with the K-pop star inviting tje members to her beauty variety program Mimishop and vlog for an oppa makeover. Achieved!

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5. South Korean tour with Joross Gamboa

Joross got a friend in his Star Circle Quest batchmate, Dara, when he flew to Seoul. We bet Krungy didn't simply only bond with the Filipino actor's family but also served as their official tour guide. Can we get Dara's number for our next SoKor trip?

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6. EXO autographs for a Filo EXO-L

No one feels more spoiled than Dara's EXO-L friend after the former presented her with a pad filled with signatures of her ult group EXO! Girl can't stop shaking and screaming and, TBH, we'd react the same if we were her. So relatable!

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No matter how easy it is for Dara to do these things, let's focus on the fact that she chose not to be selfish to keep her resources and network all to herself even if she can. Isn't that what it means to be someone's BFF? Seriously, forget the fake friends, where's the Dara of our lives?

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