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In Focus: Collagen—A Modern Secret To Looking And Feeling Good!

In Focus: Collagen—A Modern Secret To Looking And Feeling Good!

One of the more popular facts we hear about our bodies is how 60% of it is made up of water. As undeniable as that is, there’s actually another compound our bodies are mostly made of that’s usually left out typical conversations—collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that’s found in our skin, bones, muscles, and even in our digestive system. In fact, it plays such a huge role in our bodies that it is responsible for our skin’s health and elasticity, and is also what glues our joints together! Interesting, right?

Although our bodies naturally produce this compound, its production tends to slow down as we get older. Factors like our lifestyle, and exposure to the elements lead to this deteroriation. The effects, we start to notice through skin wrinkles and our joints becoming weak and painful. It's no wonder then why a lot of people nowadays have started taking collagen treatments and supplements to curb its effects.

But if this isn’t enough for you to consider trying out collagen as well, perhaps these other benefits might be able to sway you to do so!

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It improves our skin’s appearance

Collagen’s most noticeable benefit can be seen in our skin, with regular intake making the latter more elastic and moisturized. The result: A visibly firmer, plumper, and smoother skin, all while decrease in wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks.

It strengthens our joints

Without enough collagen, our joints tend to become stiff and swollen—making the simplest things like walking a pain in the butt. Taking collagen is similar to greasing rusty gears, as its gelatin-like texture helps our bones glide easily against one another.

Makes the liver healthier

Collagen is known to be really good for detoxing the liver of toxins and alcohol, as the glycine minimizes the damage than can be done to the organ. In fact, a bone broth detox is really good for detoxing your gut and improving overall immune health, as it is a great and natural source of collagen.

It’s good for our teeth, hair and nails

If you’ve always had brittle hair and nails, it’s a sign that you might be lacking collagen in your body. Collagen protein won’t just give you strong, healthy nails, and faster growing hair, but it could also reverse hair loss and give you luscious locks instead.

Heals a 'leaky gut'

A lot of people are unaware of illnesses that root from an unhealthy digestive system. Making sure that there’s enough collagen in your body is key to a healthy digestive system, helping it line and protect the gastrointestinal tract, making sure that food moves through your gut freely, while treating issues like acid reflux and IBS.

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