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Daily Diaries: Why Parenting Is A Journey Like No Other

Daily Diaries: Why Parenting Is A Journey Like No Other

Oh, to be a parent. Apart from having to squeeze in family time each day, there also comes the pressure to consistently meet the children’s needs for growth and development, make them well-rounded, and bring out the best version of themselves.

The process may be quite overwhelming, especially for those who need to juggle jobs and other responsibilities in order to provide for their kids. It’s important to note, however, that there are things that can make it lighter for the moms and dads as they broaden the horizons of their little ones and unlock their true potential.

Wyeth Nutrition is a fine example. A trusted expert in nutrition innovation, the brand puts forward products that cater to the needs of pregnant moms and those with children above 3, helping them meet the needs of every tomorrow. Miko Acuña, Wyeth Nutrition Head of Communications, says, “We are committed to advancing nutrition innovation by developing high-quality nutritional products that are scientifically designed to address the changing needs of Filipino families.”

To further strengthen its vision, Wyeth Nutrition’s new video dubbed “With You Through Every Tomorrow” sets forth the wins and struggles of Filipino parents as they spark hope and assurance of a bright future for their kids. Watch this for some encouragement and inspiration to keep going in your parenthood journey, even when the going gets tough.

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