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In Focus: How To Make Your High School Relationship Work In College

In Focus: How To Make Your High School Relationship Work In College


Going separate ways from your partner when you both go off to college is somewhat synonymous to long distance relationships. There are times when you may still spend time together but most of it you don't because, to be honest, you just can't afford to, considering the school distance, the class schedule, the org duties, and the new circle of friends. Then you ask yourself, "Is it worth keeping?"

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: College is very far from high school—especially in terms of keeping the love alive. Of course, you and your beau have different dreams you're chasing, so it's just understandable if you'll attend different universities. But can you understand if they get too busy to send you good morning messages everyday? If they're on tight budget for school stuff to date you on your monthsary? If they can't always be physically present to cheer for you because they're doing their own things, too? How about vice versa?

The thought is scary yes, but nothing beats a couple who's strongly into it for the long run. You'll make it, things will work out, and we hope that these pieces of advice can help you with that:


We all know that feeling of missing someone, and, as much as possible, that's what you and your partner should try to save yourselves from when you move away for college. Between your classes and other campus pursuits, schedule a specific date and time when the two of you could meet halfway. Be on time, don't take the moment for granted. You'll never know how busy you're going to be the next school week.


Whether it's through rare dates, call, text, or Facetime, ask them how their day has been, how's training going, what she's been writing about, and every bit in her college journey. Now that you're not part of the same class, this is your only way to get involved and still be part of their life. And while you're at it, open up about what you're feeling, if you miss them, tell them. Never be too busy to talk and always make the most out of it. Just like old times, yes?

Stay loyal.

You'll meet new people, that's for certain. But you know your boundaries, right? If you're bae is a jealous one, expect him to snap the moment another guy he actually never met before made flirty comments on your latest FB post. You can't just go tell him to trust you because trust comes with a show of loyalty—well, yes he can trust you but not the third person. What can we do here? Explain, introduce the "friend" if possible, and assure your partner that they're the only one.

Be supportive.

College is your one-way ticket to reaching your dream career, and it involves a lot of hard work, stress,  and frustration among others. If and when your lover gets caught in a rough time, always be available to comfort and cheer for them. There's a difference between being a "jowa" and a "partner." In this case, be the latter.


Making your relationship last in college is no piece of cake. For your love to survive, it takes a mutual sense of commitment between you two no matter how hard it gets. It's achievable doing it together, so how about we make sure we're not doing it alone, shall we?

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