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In Focus: The Easiest Skincare Routine To Follow This Rainy Season

In Focus: The Easiest Skincare Routine To Follow This Rainy Season


Just because summer's over doesn't mean your job to protect your skin is over, too. Sweat and sun aren't the only enemies here. The rain can likewise take its toll on our faces, just so you know. With the unwanted humidity, there's a chance that you'll involuntary get dry or oily depending on your skin's mood swings. A dull look and, worse, dirt and pimples are also rainy season's regular. You wouldn't want all that, right?

So even if it may seem impossible to manage your skin during these pouring days, even if it may make you doubt the point of wearing makeup knowing well enough that it'll slide right off your face the moment you step into the rainy outdoors, you should keep your faith going and never give up on skincare. Here, allow us to help you to ease into a rainy season-proof routine:


The high humidity can cause skin breakouts. Since you're less likely to sweat with the cooler temperature, it means there's a low chance for you to excrete the dirt from your clogged pores leading to acne attack. The anwer: never say no to the usual routine of washing the face.


All that unremoved excess fluids bring us to the feeling of extreme dryness. Apply a light cream or mist to save the necessary moisture from stripping off your face, too. Yes, your skin needs to be hydrated, too, so give what it deserves.


The UV rays may not be as damaging as they are during summer, but remember that no matter how many pounds of rain the dark clouds hold, harmful radiation is still capable of finding its way through. That's why it's important to not turn down your sunscreen, like ever.

Light makeup

It can be tough not to think of the wasted time and effort that come with doing your makeup amidst the stormy weather. But FYI, there's a trick to make it last longer: switch to light application or invest in waterproof products. Isn't it nice to know you can still look put together even with dripping umbrella and a raincoat on?

It's all about keeping your skin glowing and healthy all year long. With or without the sun, through the heat or through the rain, now's not the time to slack on your beauty routine. Jumpstarting it is the only way to go. 

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