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How Do Sneakerheads Give Back? "Donate-a-Shoe" That Will Make Kids' Dreams Come True

How Do Sneakerheads Give Back?

Christmas is a season of giving, and this group of sneaker enthusiasts did something wonderful that went beyond their love for shoes.

[While] the Sneaker Carnival is a festive celebration, it is also a time for us to give back,” Sole Academy Marketing Director Carlo Trillo said, explaining the charitable aspect of Sneaker Carnival, which happened on November 29 at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds.

Children from team Aguhon enjoyed the day, while some sneakerheads donated a pair or two for 10K DaSH.

Participants at the Sneaker Carnival donated a pair or two of their precious kicks for the event's charity efforts, the 10K DaSH (Donate-A-Shoe). “Some are not blessed to be walking around with the best sneakers, but we said let’s find a way to make that happen,” Trillo explained on why they have come up with the 10K DaSH.

“While the whole donate-a-shoe has been done before, I think it is timelier now,” remarked sneaker blogger Martin David, who is the founder of Sole Movement. Coming up with 10,000 pairs of shoes may be a big feat, but for David, the figure is a "doable project".

"What makes this even better is that even those that aren't sneaker enthusiasts are also feeling the Christmas spirit and have started to send in their used yet usable sneakers to share with our chosen beneficiaries," Trillo said.

In addition, children from Team Aguhon, one of the beneficiaries of 10K DaSH, were invited to enjoy the various activities and games at MOA Open Grounds. Team Aguhon is active in enriching the lives of children through direction management and inclusive growth, showcased with their workshops.

Sole Academy is serious with their “Best in Class” tagline, and their desire to set an example to all sneakerheads out there is very evident with 10K DaSH. "Can you imagine giving a striving, yet less fortunate athlete a pair of shoes so that they can train and compete? That simple gesture of giving them a pair changes their lives immensely," David remarked. Who knows, one of those beneficiaries from 10K DaSH might be the next Jimmy Alapag, the next Rio dela Cruz, or maybe the next Chieffy Caligdong in the future, or maybe Thelma's story might be a reality after all.

Aside from children getting closer to their dreams through receiving shoes from Sole Academy's 10K DaSH, here are things that made Sneaker Carnival one-of-a-kind:

The artworks that were in exhibit

Because art can come in many forms.

Sneaker culture can draw inspiration for art. Whether it literally involves shoes or mixed media, participating artists sure know how to express their love for the sneaker culture where they excel best.

Artworks from Angel Garcia, Angelo Ibe, and Jarred Soliman were exhibited, and Secret Fresh also had a booth showcasing various colors of adidas' Superstar shoes.

Knowing more about the heritage of various brands

Know your sneakers? The booths during the event educated everyone, including sneaker enthusiasts.

Think you know your sneakers well? Brands like Puma, Nike, adidas, Reebok, and New Balance have booths set up to showcase their history, how the design of their shoes have evolved through the years, and different aspects of sneaker culture, from dancing to collaborations with various stores around the world.

“What fans failed to realize is that when you put together brands the store actually carries, it’s really them supporting the event,” sneaker blogger Martin David, known for his blog Sole Movement, remarked.

An international sneaker blog dropping by the event

Radio DJ Boom Gonzales interviewing Sneakernews founder and EIC Yu-Ming Wu

Proof that Sneaker Carnival was a big event? Yu-Ming Wu, founder of, was at the event to talk about the evolving sneaker culture not just in the Philippines, but around the world. How significant is their presence? Sneakernews happens to be one of the most well-known sneaker blogs out there!

Indeed, Sneaker Carnival gives us a reason why we should be proud as Filipinos for mounting a one-of-a-kind event.

Those streetwear OOTDs

These days, streetwear and athleisure are rising fashion trends.

Yes, even streetwear can be considered fashionable and stylish! Just look at how these models walk up the stage, and show off a different kind of fashion.

Being a sneaker event, it is a given that everyone attending wore their favorite pair to stand out of the crowd [VIEW: Shoe sightings at the Carnival]

The carnival-esque atmosphere

A carnival is not complete without mascots and parlor games!

The atmosphere by itself is a carnival, complete with parlor games, small prizes (for winning in the parlor games), and carnival performers, from jugglers to stilt walkers, to entertain everyone around the area.

 The overall impact of Sneaker Carnival shows that sneakerheads is also about giving back and making children's dreams closer to reality, and retail stores like Sole Academy is setting the example of what it truly means to be part of the so-called sneaker culture.




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