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In Focus: 9 Things Only UE Manila Students Would Understand

In Focus: 9 Things Only UE Manila Students Would Understand


By Angeline Cheng

Home of the Red Warriors, the Red and White university situated in Recto, Manila surely has its own share of things only its studes would get. As a UE alumna myself, here are some of my takeaways that I know my co-warriors would totally relate to!

1. Class suspension ba kamo? Waterproof yata ‘to!

When UE says that they’re autonomous, they mean it. That autonomous badge goes beyond the call of nature and the Manila Mayor himself. When the Mayor says that classes are suspended, UE’s decision of course will reign supreme of them all. In short, umulan, bumagyo, ayos lang! Waterproof yata ang mga Warriors! Well, at least until the new mayor came…

2. That guard na halos siyasatin na buong pagkatao mo.

When you approach the UE gate and find out that there’s a long queue of students, you’ll know automatically that she is there. Don’t underestimate that 5’2-ish height because nothing is ever safe with her stick and “mapanuri, mapagmatyag, at mapangahas” attitude. No pocket in your bag would be left unchecked and even your pencil case… walang kawala.

3. That popular “singko” myth courtesy of Lualhati.

“Sabi bawal ka raw maglakad doon sa gitna ng quadrangle kasi magkakasingko ka,” says everyone on your first day of classes. This myth that’s been going around for ages makes all the freshies tremble with caution and fear just seeing that center path of glory towards Lualhati. (Spoiler alert: Been there, done that. The myth is not true at all!)

4. When someone shouts “Bomba!” around the campus, the students wouldn’t be frightened at all.

In fact, they would even shout back, “UE! Igma Kadima!” (dug dug)

5. Amoy ulam na ba kayo?

To those hungry souls who braved their way through the PODCIT canteen, that smell between stench and aroma would definitely linger in your entire being. It’s so intense it’ll make you wish you can rub-a-dub-bango the smell away!

6. The heartbreak of Batibot’s collapse.

When the news of the UE fire broke out last 2016, every UE Manila student was beyond devastated. There was an ongoing retrofitting of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) building at that time, and the fire didn’t even let the renovation finish its course. To the students, especially the CAS people, it was their second home. The barkada tambay memories forged in the CAS patio (a.k.a. Batibot) made the experience a whole lot more painful.

7. The “Shawarma Week” everyone gets excited about.

Celebrated annually in connection with UE’s founding anniversary (every last week of September,) the Shawarma craze is what’s keeping every UE student abuzz during the celebration. Basically, it’s all about shawarma, sisig, and street food for a week! Sadly, this tradition has been broken since the events of the UE fire. Well, it was really good until it lasted!

8. “Gastam” is every nagtitipid student’s BFF.

Located just outside of UE’s Gastambide gate, this is a haven of food choices for everyone at very affordable prices. From sisig, katsu, and lutong-bahay meals up to the frappes and juice options around the area, it seems like you’re in a food park everyday!

9. Hepalane

For 2017 UE babies and below, the Hepalane is truly legendary. Even though it has been long gone, the memories of large rats running around the area, the risk of getting Hepa (duh,) and the 4 pcs. Siomai w/ rice meal for only Php25.00 will forever be in our hearts, minds, and tummies.

These kinds of things we can relate to from our schools are the ones we will sorely miss when we leave our Alma Mater. To all the current UE students out there, make sure to enjoy your college life while you can!

Banner photo: RedWire/Aaron Paguirigan




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