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Daily Diaries: 3 Things To Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Other Girls

Daily Diaries: 3 Things To Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Other Girls


By Maan de Vera

The more we get influence from social media, the more real life seems to become dull. Along with this comes the waves of insecurity that washes away whatever self-love we have managed to muster in a world full of Instagram-perfect people. These waves, if left unchecked, will slowly swallow and drown you until you find yourself scrolling through someone’s social media posts from two years ago and feeling bad about your life.

It may seem like you are the only one who feels this, but the truth is that insecurity comes even for the best of us. Yup. Even the girl you compare yourself to, compares herself to someone else.

The next time you start to feel like you are about to go on another stalking spree that will only bring you down, pause and do these things instead.

1. Accept.

No matter how hard it may seem, admit it. We know that it’s not a pleasant thing to accept that you’re getting anxious over someone else’s positive traits. We understand that. Just put it this way: you’re feeling this way because you know that there is still room for improvement for you.

2. They're as much human as you are.

Try to identify the things that make the person you are insecure about stand out. More often than not, we are just blinded by what we perceive a person is rather than who they actually are. Take a step back and asses the things or traits that this person has that inspire you instead of feeling simply envious. After that, think of ways on how you can achieve it. 

3. Remember that it’s not a competition.

Remember that there are no winners in life. No one is above or beneath you. We are all taking on uniquely beautiful journeys. Just because it may seem that someone is living a better life than you are, it doesn’t mean that it's perfect. 

In the end, it’s always about refocusing your energy back to you. It’s definitely okay to feel a little insecure at times, but what you do about this ill feeling is what truly matters. You can either wallow in self-pity because others have the things that you don’t or work on becoming the best version of you. The choice is up to you. 

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