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Cheat Sheet: Five Tips To Maintain Beautiful Hair Even Under The Heat

Cheat Sheet: Five Tips To Maintain Beautiful Hair Even Under The Heat

In our tropical country, it either rains or shines. But even when summer has come and gone, the temperature may still feel turned all the way up because of the unforgiving sun. This means “hair, beware” for your lovely locks because continuous exposure to heat will leave it dry and damaged. But worry not—we’ve got you covered with our hot weather hair care tips!

One, two, trim! Before anything, give your hair a nice trim. It’ll be good for you in three ways. One, it’ll help relieve some the heat. Two, it’ll spruce up your style. Three, it’ll get rid of split ends! While this isn’t necessarily a means to protect your locks, trimming is a good start to make it easier for you to take care of your hair.

Drench your hair in clean water before and after taking a dip. When it’s scorching hot outside, all you want to do is hit the pool or the beach. Before you do, make sure your hair is soaked with clean water. That way, it won’t absorb as much chlorine or saltwater, both of which are harmful to your hair.  Remove them further by taking a shower right after your swim.

Lay off the hot tools. We understand that you need blow dryers, curling irons, and the like.  But if you can afford to, limit their use whenever possible. It’s hot enough already. You don’t want to make your hair even hotter.  Give it a break by letting it air dry a few times a week. If you must have your loose curls or wavy hair, try washing your locks at night and, while its damp, fixing it into a bun or a ponytail before going to bed.  You’ll wake up to wavier hair, minus the heat!

Use a shampoo that will keep your hair Smooth & Fragrant All Day! The heat will leave your hair sweaty and sticky. To make matters worse, it’ll likely smell. Eek. Keep your hair smelling good all day despite the heat with Sunsilk! With 5 flower essences, get 5x smoother and fragrant hair, so you're #extraready for anything and any weather!

Cover it. A stylish hat, a chic scarf, a sporty cap—all of these aren’t just practical in hot weather. You can incorporate them in your personal style, too! Try out different pieces and see what you like best as your hair’s shield against the sun.

“Hair, beware” season may be perpetual in our country, but with these hot weather hair care tips, your locks can stay as lovely as ever.

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