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Cheat Sheet: Three 'Chamba' Moments Every Commuter Shouldn’t Always Rely On

Cheat Sheet: Three 'Chamba' Moments Every Commuter Shouldn’t Always Rely On

Ever get the feeling that your commute is about to be terrible? That’s how it usually is, isn’t it? You listen to motivational podcasts to keep your spirits high, read all the #InspirationalQuotes you come across, and curate a feel-good playlist to keep the bad vibes away. You even pen an “I am sorry” text to your boss, just in case you’re late. Again.

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But thanks to chamba or luck, your travel turns out to be fine. It’s something you’re supposed to celebrate—until you realize chamba chamba isn’t enough to save you from the rest of your daily grind. Because the odds aren’t always in your favor, here are ways you can better deal with stressful moments:

Chamba na walang traffic. You’re no stranger to the hellish weekday traffic. It takes a lot of willpower to stay calm throughout your travel and not to pick a fight with pasaway co-passengers. When the ride turns out to be smooth sailing, you praise the heavens for this modern-day miracle. But how sure are you that this will happen every day?

What you can do: Leaving extra-early for work or school is burdensome, especially if you still haven’t recovered from the all-nighter you just pulled off. But we gotta do what we gotta do to avoid getting stuck on the road for hours.

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Chamba na makasakay agad. The early bird catches the worm. In your case, it’s the train, bus, or taxi (if you’ve got extra money to spare) you’ve got to catch real fast. Dealing with long lines will never be your thing, tbh. So imagine your surprise when you get one hassle-free ride. Pero chamba chamba lang!

What you can do: If commuting is draining all your batteries (even before your actual work starts), then consider moving to a rent pad near your office. It might blow your budget, but it’s a convenient option. Or look for a carpool buddy to and from work.

Chamba na fresh pa rin. Surviving the Carmageddon takes a lot of strength, courage, strategy, and patience. But just because you make it out alive doesn’t mean you make it out asim-pawis free, too. Be it at work or in school, it’s not the kind of risk you should take when your day is just beginning. Not to mention, it’s within your control!

What you can do: Find a surefire way to feel cool, like using Rexona! It takes pride in its MotionSense technology that protects your underarms from sweat and odor despite the long, arduous, and action-packed commute (yup, the more you move, the more Rexona works to keep you fresh!). Say no to chamba chamba and go for something that won’t let you down while commuting. 


Shower lang, kulang. Say No to Chamba, Chamba freshness! Get guaranteed sweat and odor protection with Rexona. Buy the Rexona Anti-Stain + Ice Cool or Rexona Powder Dry in sachet variant for only Php 8 SRP in stores nationwide!

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