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Daily Diaries: The Perks Of Having A Fandom BFF

Daily Diaries: The Perks Of Having A Fandom BFF


It's true what they say about the BTS ARMY—it's a family. I can't even believe the number of people I've met and bonded with online and offline through this wonderful fandom, much more with those I knew from school that I never actually spoke to before mutually stanning the same legends. Being an ARMY is probably the best "unconscious" decision I've ever made.

But you know what makes it even better? I have my best friend of more than 10 years with me to experience the whole fandom craze! We don't always see each other but, there's not a day that we don't text or chat about all things BTS until midnight! That, right there, gets us more connected than we ever were.

It isn't easy to find a ground you and your BFF can both agree. So I guess I can say that she's the soulmate made for me in heaven. She's the V to my Jimin, and I couldn't be more grateful, especially for all the perks that come with it! 

Here, I've listed exactly why you should find your own fandom BFF!

1. You'll be kept posted.

Thanks to my fandom BFF, I have someone to send me updates on the every day hustle and bustle of the Bangtan boys, especially when I'm having a long day of work and can't even scroll through my social media feed. I don't have to feel left out because I have our chatbox as an ultimate reference!

2. You automatically have a concert buddy.

What'd you expect? We're both K-pop fans, and attending concerts plays a big part in completing our life. And since my best friend and I love the same group, it's a known fact that I'm getting myself an instant concert buddy, and we'll be able to fulfill our fangirl goals together at the same time like a happy ever after!

3. You have an ally in them.

It's one thing to have a friend who cries with you during the tough times, but it's another (great) thing to have someone who will fall in line for you to get first dibs on merch and reserve tickets when your busy schedule doesn't allow, rendering money included. Lucky for me, my BFF does both!

4. You'll feel understood.

Whether it's feeling kilig over my bias, confused over the other six bias-wreckers, proud over their historical achievements, or emotional over how far they've, it's a sure thing that I have my bestie who's all ears and understands me. Then she shares her thoughts as exactly in-depth as what's on my mind. She just totally gets it. Relate?

I've never felt more accepted and welcomed than the way I feel as an ARMY since I have my BFF by my side who helps get me by. It's guaranteed that I'll never walk alone now. Credit also goes to our biggest love BTS for giving us this indescribable bond. Borahae!

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