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In Focus: Struggles Every Student Faces During The Rainy Season

In Focus: Struggles Every Student Faces During The Rainy Season


Waking up to the sound of the rain while being covered up with your soft blanket is one of the best feelings ever—until you realize you actually have to get up and go to school. Waking up when you want to stay in bed is already hard as it is, but the struggles actually start once you go out of the house. This is something we all go through every year, but it's still hard to prepare yourself for it.

From going through long hours of commute to experiencing bad hair days, here are the struggles that could bring extra gloom to the rainy season if you're a student.

1. Commuting becomes ten times harder.

In our country, commuting has always been one of the most frustrating things to do. From the queuing horrors to the hours you spend on the road, these "normal" struggles are amplified once it starts pouring. The traffic hours become longer, the people you're riding multiply in number, and your patience and energy dwindle by the second!

2. You arrive at school soaked in the rain.

You left your house with your clothes, shoes, and bag all tidy and dry. But in just a span of an hour, you're now entering the school premises with almost all of your stuff wet. This is something you might have already expected since the rainy season started, but it's still hard to accept once you realize how hard (and gross!) it is to walk around with wet socks. 

3. Every day is bad hair day.

No one enjoys spending their entire day with a bad hair, but unfortunately, bad hair is inevitable during the rainy season. As much as you wash, comb, blowdry, straighten, or wax your hair, the moment the rain pours and your head is only being protected by your umbrella, your bad hair day begins. It's such a hassle especially if you bump into your crush in the hallways!

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4.Your umbrella dilemmas begin.

From carrying your one to forgetting to do so, plus the dangers of losing (or breaking) it in between, the hassle of an umbrella can take a toll on our day-to-day lives.  Not to mention, it's like a battlefield when you're running around with your umbrella, and it's bumping against everyone else's! But what can you do when it's your designated best friend during the rainy season?

5. We feel extra lazy and unproductive.

We're sure we're not the only ones who love the sound of raindrops especially if you're in bed on a weekend. But when it's late and you're trying to stay awake to study, it can cause you to feel that sleepy vibe, and, before you know it, your eyes start to droop and you find yourself crawling back underneath your covers. All-nighter, who?

6. Blackouts can be a real pain especially when you have schoolwork to do on your computer.

It's funny how blackouts usually happen when you most need electricity and, most importantly, wifi! During those dark hours, you pray that your area isn't the only one that's experiencing power outage and that your professor will have mercy on your poor souls and move your deadline!

7. There's nothing more frustrating than wading through flood.

It's no joke when the rain turns into a full-on typhoon and causes flood. If you're studying or living in an area where it's easily flooded, you have no choice but to brave the waters no matter how dirty it could get just to be able to make it to where you're supposed to be. This is when you need those class suspensions the most!

8. You get sick easily. 

Avoiding falling sick in this weather is quite impossible. From the cold climate to getting soaked in the rain, this season will make you vulnerable to different forms of sickness such as the flu. Taking your vitamins or other medications isn't always enough, and you would still wake up one day not being able to get up from your bed because you're not feeling well. 

As a student, these struggles can frustrate you and make you laugh at the same time. It's not the most fun thing to experience, but the rainy season can make your college experience challenging yet memorable. Just remember, there's always a rainbow after the rain, so suck it up for now! 

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