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Hot Stuff: Meet Our Latest Fitness Inspo—Tricia Santos!

Hot Stuff: Meet Our Latest Fitness Inspo—Tricia Santos!

In many ways, I am honored to be selected as the latest ambassador of Mestiza, a proudly Filipino company that offers natural and deeply nourishing skincare products. When you first hear the term 'mestiza,' what comes to mind are fair, porcelain-skinned ladies who have patrician features. However, there are deeper connotations and nuances that you can derive from it on closer inspection. If you look at the origins of the word 'mestiza,' the term was used during the Spanish colonial era as a designation for individuals with mixed Filipino and Spanish ancestry. It was the colonial government's way of recognizing the growing range of diversity in the population of the era, as interracial interactions proliferated and flourished.

In the same way, Mestiza, as a brand, embraces the varying skin tones of the modern Filipina. Through their 100% natural skincare product, the company cultivates the notion that women are inherently beautiful in the skin they are born in. Mestiza encourages women to be the best version of themselves by embodying confidence and flaunting their natural glow. It is a multifaceted approach to redefining the traditional notions of beauty, moving beyond the confines of color and shades of skin.   

As the newest ambassador of Mestiza, I embody the brand ideals - someone who is fun and carefree, confident and empowered. At heart, I’m a free spirit - I’m very outgoing, I enjoy outdoor activities, I enjoy sports. I am lucky enough to live by the beach. I grew up in Samal Island, Davao City. Living in such a wonderful place fills me with a sense of happiness that is difficult to describe. On a regular day, I’m up at dawn to go for a walk on the beach then have breakfast which is usually two cups of coffee and a plate of fruits. After which, I help out in my family’s businesses -as the manager of my family’s resort on the island and as inventory manager of my family’s construction firm.

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There’s something about simplicity that attracts me. I appreciate serenity and I find comfort in balancing my everyday routines where I have time to take care of my responsibilities as well as take care of myself.  That has always been more than enough for me. My faith is also something I value as this is where I draw much of my strength and confidence. I was raised as a Roman Catholic but have since converted into being a Christian. I empower myself by taking the time to talk to God and tell him how my day goes.

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In the next ten years, I see myself as a mother of at least five children. I had such a great experience raising my cousins that I can’t wait to have some of my own. For instance, my cousin Kyla is such an inspiring little girl. She amazes me every day because she’s growing up to be such an incredible person – so smart and beautiful. I feel like, as women, our greatest accomplishment in this world is to nurture respectful and responsible human beings to take care of the earth for the next generation.

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