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In Focus: How TV Plus Inspired This Dentist To Offer Free Dental Services To More Filipinos

In Focus: How TV Plus Inspired This Dentist To Offer Free Dental Services To More Filipinos

Too often do we see on our television screens a story of a child struggling to get an education, a father looking to provide for his family, or a grandmother too sick to function. But how many times are we able to actually do something about it? Paul Abubakar took initiative as a mere viewer and used his resources to become part of the Lingkod Kapamilya family.

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The owner and general manager of Enchano Dental Clinic was driving home with his wife as they brainstormed ideas on what to get their mothers for Mother’s Day. Coincidentally, TV Patrol was playing on their TV Plus inside the vehicle, where they learned of five mothers who no matter the hardship, tirelessly worked to provide for their families. The moms had but one wish: To get dentures. “Sabi ng wife ko, ‘Ayan! ‘Yan yun! Tawagan mo yan.’ Tinuturo nya screen ng TV,” he recalls.

Abubakar called in and said he would like to volunteer to help all five moms get dentures. He was determined and made it his mission to touch the lives of these inspiring mothers simply because they deserved it, “Dapat itong tulungan kasi nagsusumikap sila eh.” Lingkod Kapamilya got in touch with Abubakar and together they were able to turn dreams into realities.

Moms Emma Nepumoceno, Zenaida Jugo, Deliah Dalusag, and Marilyn Daiton could only express their utmost gratitude, explaining how they gained much more than just dentures. Their stunning smiles gave them a newfound confidence in themselves—no longer would they a need for covering their mouths in laughter and on photos!

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This encounter served as inspiration for the 10th anniversary of the Anawim Lay Mission Foundation: Home for the Abandoned Elderly. Abubakar and Lingkod Kapamilya partnered up once again this time on a dental, medical, and spiritual mission to provide free tooth extractions and medicine to those in need.

With the added resources and manpower, Abubakar only turned ecstatic seeing this as a rewarding experience. “Mas masarap tumulong ngayon kasi mayroon kang kasama sa pagtulong,” he declares.

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