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The Six Fix: Coming-Of-Age Series To Watch While You're On The Road To Self-Discovery

The Six Fix: Coming-Of-Age Series To Watch While You're On The Road To Self-Discovery


In college, it's a normal occurence to wake up worrying if you'll even function well for the day. It's the kind of feeling that never goes away until you graduate because, of course, you always want to be sure you give your best for a better future. The thing is that everyone experiences this stage where you're so full of worry about everything because, well, it's part of growing up.

But don't worry, we're sure that you'll get through this. One of the things that we believe can help you power through your college dread is by watching shows that won't only entertain you but also give you a bit of teenage nostalgia, hacks to self-discovery, and a guide to the real world. After spending your whole day attending classes and doing your assignments, watch these coming-of-age series that would definitely spark something in you!

1. Stranger Things 3

This American science-fiction series has caught our attention since the beginning because of how it tackles friendship and adventure with a slice of fantasy and thriller. Although the Hawkins squad are much younger than you are now, there's no doubt that this is something that would take you back to the best days of your teen years and every "first" you experienced that you wouldn't mind doing again in college. 

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2. Trinkets

Trinkets is a new American series about a young girl named Elodie adjusting to a new home and school after her mother's death which led her to meeting Tabitha and Moe in a Shoplifters Anonymous group. From forming a new squad to going on thrill-seeking escapades, these girls, no matter how bad they can get, will surely teach you a thing or two about dealing with teenage angst and whatnots.

3. My First First Love

This romantic coming-of-age Korean drama tells the story of five young adults named Yoon Tae-oh, Han Song-yi, Seo Do-hyun, Oh Ga-rin, and Choi Hoon who unexpectedly moved in under the same roof. From mustering up the courage to approach your crush to facing all sorts of rejection, this feel-good series is what us K-fans are living for! Plus, seeing our Ji Soo nab his first leading role is giving us all the feels!

4. Sex Education

The series begins with Otis who, despite (or probably because of) having a sex therapist as a mother, has mixed feelings about sexuality. After one fateful heart-to-heart with the school bully about, yep, sex, Otis started a sex advice business with Maeve. Whether you're already navigating your sexual life or simply curious, this series is a must-watch if you need help in that department.

5. Atypical

This story focuses on the life of 18-year-old Sam Gardner who's on the autism spectrum and decides he wants to start dating. We're in the age where we want to experience new things that push us out of our comfort zones. Sometimes, we doubt that we could handle all these awkward changes, but Sam is here to tell you that it's all going to be okay.

6. Fight For My Way

A Korean drama about dreaming to reach your goals while struggling to survive your daily life, Fight For My Way is perfect for those who strive for success in their chosen career path but feel like they're not qualified to do so. But despite these hardships, this drama shows us that all you need is the kind of friendship (and love) that will cheer you up, support you, and be your constant as you go through young adulthood.

What we love most about these shows is that their plot revolves around the daily struggles that we go through at this moment in our lives. Weirdly enough, it's very calming to know that we're not the only ones who are in this coming-of-age journey. At the end of the day, young adulthood is not an easy time to go through, that's why it's really nice to have this kind of shows that were made to give us a boost of courage and belongingness! Which one are you binge-watching next?

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