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Hi-5 Australia and Why They Love Filipino Kids

Hi-5 Australia and Why They Love Filipino Kids

Hi-5 Australia has certainly been one of the go-to kiddie shows of both moms and children since it first aired in 1999; moms, for when they need to keep their kids preoccupied while running some errands in the house, and children for when they feel like singing and dancing.

A few weeks ago, the cast of the Australian kiddie show Hi-5 namely Stevie Nicholson, Dayen Zheng, Mary Lascaris, Ainsley Melham and Tanika Anderson paid a visit to Manila and here’s what we’ve found out.


Philippines is ‘second home’

“We’ve been back many, many times. I think every couple of months we’re back in the Philippines. We must love it—do love it. We just really love it here. Because we come here so much it’s just become like our second home,” Tanika shares.

Mary adds, “We come here like every six to nine months, and we try and go to as many places as we can. It’s really nice to get to know people and do lots of mall shows.”


Filipino kids know how to party

“In manila, you guys just know how to party. You guys are so loud and everyone just wants to sing and dance. And our shows are always memorable here because it feels like a big family experience. Moms and dads get so into it,” Mary says.


Music and movement work with kids

“Music is a fantastic tool for educating kids,” Ainsley reveals, “It allows them to learn awareness in movement, in their voice, in expression both emotionally and physically. So music is such a great tool to help them learn and grow and they can do it while they’re having fun as well. I think that’s why we put such a great emphasis on music and movement in our show. Because that’s the way we feel, we feel it’s a great learning tool.”


Best part of the job

Long-time member Stevie quips, “Kids are incredible. It’s an unbelievable, just the opportunity that we have… they make us smile, and I can’t explain the feeling when you’re onstage and you look out at the audience especially being here in Manila. And you just see like kids dancing, hugging each other. It’s just an incredible feeling to be a part of.”


Hi-5 House of Dreams comes to you

“We’re coming back with more of a story so it’s a big sleepover party, night out, day out, morning out—whatever it is. Last couple of times we’ve been in Manila, there were more concerts to our show so this time we involve them more in a story, each member goes into a dream and turns more of into adventure,” Dayen excitedly shares.


Catch Hi-5 House of Dreams from December 18 to 21 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila, and let your child sing and dance your favorite tunes! Tickets are available at or call 891 9999. 

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