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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: Can MOMOL Lead To Real Romance?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: Can MOMOL Lead To Real Romance?

By Kitty De Leon

Is the "lang" in Make Out-Make Out Lang or MOMOL just that? Answer: It's supposed to be, technically, given how it describes the deed of shoving your tongue into someone's throat just for casual fun. Yet, as what the all new iWant Original movie MOMOL Nights starring Kim Molina and Kit Thompson would tell us, a MOMOL sesh can lead to something with more tension, more drama, and maybe more... love.

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In the film, Marco (Kit) shares this Golden Rule: Never get emotionally attached. But does this apply to the real world as well? Or can MOMOL nights lead to something unexpectedly better? These four young adults* who have gone through a similar rocky ride of romance tell us their side!

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“She asked if she could sleep over at my place for a month and as a friend, I agreed. As time passed by, things started to develop. It was hard at the time because I hadn’t completely moved on from my ex, pero in the end I picked my friend. We’ve been together for almost two years now.” - Dom, 21

“We met through Tinder in December 2016. Throughout 2017, it was all (MOMOL) until little by little she started to show she liked me. I was just waiting for her to say it. I didn’t want to make the first move because she might suddenly leave me. Fast forward to 2018, we started dating officially and are still dating to this day.” - JR, 20

“It started when he asked me to drink with him one night. Since I wasn’t busy I said, 'Yeah sure.' We talked most of the night until he kissed me right there in the bar. From one kiss it turned into full blown making out. The next few days were like that until he asked me out for real. I already liked him by that time, and as it turned out, the feeling was mutual.” - Naomi, 19

“We’ve been friends for a long time, around three years. Recently, she got out of a really bad relationship. I invited her to drink with me at her place and then we watched a movie. We were just cuddling and before I knew it we started making out. My friend’s not a bad kisser so I thought, 'We can keep doing this.' We basically had MOMOL sessions every day after that. We then started liking each other…even though at first she was confusing. She broke things off for a bit because I think she started to have feelings for me. I didn’t want to break it off because I realized I really liked this girl. We started dating after that and we’ve never been happier.” - Dre, 21

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