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In Focus: Dogs And Their 'Secret' Superpowers You Might Not Have Known About!

In Focus: Dogs And Their 'Secret' Superpowers You Might Not Have Known About!

Dogs are a special type of companion everybody in this world deserves. They’re fun, loyal, compassionate, and in many cases, entertainingly strange. But with all the strange things that these furry-friends of our do on the regular, could it be, that we find them weird just because we don’t fully understand what they’re doing? This may seem a bit deep, but actually, aside from being our friends and making our lives happier, dogs really do have special abilities that completely surpass our abilities and capabilities as mere humans!

Most of us humans wonder what our dogs think of when they look straight into our eyes, or when they stare into blank space. Could it be that they are thinking of food? Or perhaps there’s just nothing on their mind. We also often wonder if they understand everything that we do or say. Well, did you know that dogs actually have superpowers that not everybody knows of? And its starting to make me think that maybe they are even smarter than us.

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They can detect illnesses in humans

Dogs aren’t just here to keep us company, as they also have the ability to sense if their humans are sick, as simple as sniffing our breath because they can pick up on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only can they sense an incoming epileptic seizure, but can also tell if people have cancer. In fact, in a study conducted at the In Situ Foundation in 2006, dogs trained there were able to detect lung cancer with 97% accuracy, and breast cancer with 88% accuracy, simply by sniffing he breath of the patients.

They can predict natural disasters

Unlike us simple humans, dogs don’t need to watch the news, or to have a weather app to know about any natural calamity, because they can already sense natural changes in the environment, such as how they can pick up low-frequency sounds that occur before an earthquake or a volcanic eruption, as well as chemical changes in the air before a storm. When this happens, dogs start acting weird. So you better start to prepare the next time your dog shows unusual behavior!

Built-in GPS

With today’s technology, a lot of us depend on our GPS to get out and around, but not our dogs! Dogs have the ability to find their way home if they get lost, whether they are in a familiar territory or not. They can even find their way back from long distances, only with the use of their sense of smell.


It’s not to say that dogs can actually read our minds (or can they?), but this pertains more to their ability to predict our next move, just by reading our behavior. You may also notice how dogs often make eye contact with their humans. And it’s because this is how they determine our disposition and mood, as well as by listening to the tone of our voice, and seeing our facial expressions.

Night vision

Dogs don’t need any of the fancy stuff that we humans need to use to see in the dark, like torches or night vision glasses or cameras. Their eyes are built so that they automatically adjust to darkness. Thanks to their large pupils that allow light to enter their eyes, and the tapetum that reflects light at the back of their eyes, they can easily maneuver through really dark places—more than any person every could, without the use of any equipment.

They empathize

Empathy may not exactly sound like a superpower, but it just goes to show how much more complex dogs are than how we used to see them. Studies have proven that dogs will naturally comfort humans that are sad or distressed, by laying on them or licking them, regardless of whether they are their owner or just a stranger. In fact, it may already be safe to assume that dogs also have a better sense of empathy than humans!

Incredibly sharp sense of smell

Sniffing is one trait that all dogs have in common, as it is the natural way they perceive and interact with the world. You could say that their nose is an extra piece of hardware that gives them an edge over us humans, because their sense of smell alone is already 10,000 times better than ours! So let this be a lesson that you can never truly hide food from a dog, because you can rest assured that they will definitely find it!

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