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In Focus: 5 Sarah Geronimo-Approved Activities To Try With The Whole Barkada

In Focus: 5 Sarah Geronimo-Approved Activities To Try With The Whole Barkada

It’s barkada day out! So, here you are, wondering what you should do on your weekly gathering. Movie marathon? Card games? Or just good ‘ol chickahan about all the happenings in your lives? As much as you love your usual happy-happy drill, it would be nice to upgrade it a bit, too. Check out these barkada ideas perfect for the whole gang—which are inspired by some of the best movies of Sarah Geronimo!

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Bake pastries like Aprilyn in Finally Found Someone. Forget takeouts. Show off your superb culinary skills (claim it, girl!) and bake your own sweets. There may be no ‘Raffy’ around to make it a kilig experience. But at least you’ll get to experiment with your besties. Then, laugh out loud at the mess you’ve made in the kitchen (and squabble over who gets to clean up!).

Call your very own DJ Heidee for relationship advice. We all got that one (or more) friend who badly needs a relationship counselor. Someone who knows all the dating terms: from ‘ghosting,’ ‘benching,’ up to 'breadcrumbing.’ Yet they still end up crying—thanks to their ‘almost’ love stories. You’re running out of advice. Our reco: Just call a radio ‘love guru’ like ‘DJ Heidee.’ On air hugot session? Yes, please!

Enjoy a beach getaway like Teptep in Maybe This Time. Maybe this time, your barkada trip will finally happen. Whatchu think? Skip all your excuses and just hop on the bus already (or the plane). Recharge away from the hustle and bustle of the city—and your #adulting responsibilities.  Who knows, each of you might find your own ‘Tonio’ on this trip.  #Prayers

Perform on stage like Audrey in ‘Miss Granny.’ No more karaoke nights. Go for open mic bars and perform a la Audrey with the barkada. Belt out your Sarah Geronimo birit picks. Or just stick with your mellow jams (dedicated to your exes, ehem). You’ve got what it takes to own the stage—trust us

Pull a Laida Magtalas 2.0. Friends who do makeovers together, stay together. Glam up using your trusted beauty buys. Dress up and do a barkada photoshoot for the #Gram. Switch up your hairstyle. Because...why not? And to keep your hair 5x smoother and more fragrant like Sarah’s, use her go-to haircare solution: Sunsilk. You know, just in case your own ‘Miggy’ suddenly shows up. At least you have bangong-panalo hair that will make him regret leaving you. Amen?

Now, who’s up for some uber-fun barkada experience?

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