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Daily Diaries: K-Pop Fan Girl Problems When Your Parents Aren't Supportive

Daily Diaries: K-Pop Fan Girl Problems When Your Parents Aren't Supportive


If you think that being a K-pop fan girl is easy, well, you're in for a whole new ride. As a K-pop fan girl, it takes a lot of patience waiting for your group's comeback, time management when you have responsibilities both in your fangirl life and personal life, and understanding when your parents aren't supportive. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely a happy fan girl and my parents have been very open when it comes to my fan girling life now that I'm an adult. But when I was in high school and college, I experienced a lot of struggles that made it hard for me to be a true blue K-pop fan girl! So if you're in the same scenario as me before, check out the problems I listed down below that I faced when my parents weren't supprotive of my fan girling life that you might relate to!

1. Being told to spend my money on useful things rather than K-pop stuff

You're already having a hard time thinking about how you're going to save money to buy their album and merchandise, but it becomes harder when parents aren't supportive on what you plan on doing with your money! In my experience, I started becoming a K-pop fan when I was in high school. But unlike my friends, I only got the chance to buy my first official album and merchandise now that I'm a working adult because my parents would tell me that even though I was the one who saved up for it, it's still their money that I'm spending. Well, now, I'm spending my own hard-earned money so they couldn't say anything anymore. 

2. Having a hard time getting their permission to go to a concert

Just like buying albums and merch, getting their permission to go to a concert is also a long process I didn't really enjoy. So, instead of pushing it, I accepted that I was going to be #teambahay for the rest of my high school and college life. My parents wouldn't allow me because they felt uneasy in letting me go to a concert alone or with my friends because they're scared something would happen to me when in a very crowded place while I wasn't not on their watch. It's because of this that I told them that I'm okay if they'll go with me, but, of course, we all know what their answer was.

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3. Sometimes, they make fun of the music and the group that I like.  

Given the fact that me and my parents don't have the same taste in music, it's also a struggle when they make fun of my music taste just because they don't like it. This is a stigma that has been happening until now, not just with my parents, but also with other people who don't like K-pop. I mean, we get that you don't like it, but do you really have to make fun of those who do? Well, as a K-pop fangirl, I've learned to dodge their insults already and just mind my own business. 

4. They don't understand why I love K-pop.

During my first few years as a K-pop fan, people always asked I'm supporting K-pop when I don't even understand the language. My parents are among these people, even though I've already told them numerous times that supporting someone's music doesn't require you to be fluent in the language they use. Although I can't speak Korean, there's this thing that we call "subtitles" that I can search and read to understand the vibe of the song more! Plus, loving K-pop doesn't make me a Korean wannabe. It just means that their music is what I love to listen to the most, and that's it. 

At the end of the day, I'm not mad about the fact that my parents didn't support or let me have fun as a fangirl before. I may have felt too restricted at that time, but I've learned to treasure every moment that I have spazzing about my faves now that I'm an adult. But remember, you should never hide your adoration for something just because someone doesn't like it—even if it's your parents. Enjoy your fangirl life, because it's one of the most fulfilling experiences you'll ever have!

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